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2019 Bathroom Remodeling Trends


When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your bathroom space? Does it look like it was stuck in the last decade? If it’s time to give it an upgrade, you may want to take a closer look at the current design trends. From modern and chic to bold and impressive, you will find several design trends that will turn your bathroom into an impressive space.

Here are some of the hottest design trends in 2019 that might inspire you as you make some changes to your bathroom.

1. Go Big

Bathrooms are not the largest spaces in your home, but that does not mean your décor needs to be small. Many small bathrooms benefit from one large statement piece, such as an artistic mirror or a trendy vanity. One big statement piece can give the space an artful and modern look.

2. Expose the Plumbing

Exposed shower plumbing is a growing trend in modern bathroom design. It works well with the industrial look and pairs beautifully with the white marble that is a popular material for today’s showers. Exposed shower plumbing can be tastefully done so the final look is pulled together and attractive, with the help of the right design team.

3. Add Marble on More Than the Vanity

White and gray marble have been popular materials for vanities and showers for a while, but in 2019 they have started to appear on walls and even floors. This strong, attractive material lends an elegant look to the bathroom and improves the resale value significantly. It also limits the need to paint or wallpaper the space to make the walls look attractive.

4. Add a Sauna

The sauna doesn’t have to be just for the spa. If you have the space, consider adding an infrared sauna right in your home. This provides exceptional health and relaxation benefits, and is quite a bit smaller than a traditional steam sauna.

5. Consider Concrete

Concrete actually can be quite beautiful. This material when mixed with organic elements creates a delightfully modern look. Concrete is being used in sink basis, countertops, walls, and floors in 2019, and even in some showers. Make sure to work with a design professional to ensure the concrete is properly sealed to prevent mold or mildew, but don’t be afraid of this industrial material.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel and want to embrace these 2019 remodeling trends, reach out to our team to consult with a skilled remodeling firm. We will help you design and construct a bathroom that you will love.

Want to learn more about bathroom remodeling for your home? Contact Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel at (603) 769-4938 in Nashua or (603) 952-3192 in Salem.

Planning the Perfect Remodel Hosted by David Bryan, President of Blackdog Builders AUGUST 22, 2021
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