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Design Trends to Consider for Your Bathroom Remodel

modern bathroom remodel

Bathrooms are some of the most important rooms in the house, yet they have a tendency to be under-designed. If you’re seeking inspiration for your upcoming bathroom remodel, we’ve got some ideas you might not have considered.

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Open Shower

Traditionally, showers have sliding or swinging glass doors or curtains you can pull aside. However, a new trend is to install an open shower, which has no cumbersome doors or curtains. Instead, a sleek glass panel or tiled wall partially divides the shower from the rest of the room, providing privacy and preventing splashing without closing off the space entirely. This provides a more open, invigorating feel while your lather and rinse.

Console Table-Style Vanity

The vanity should serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose in your bathroom remodel. The current trend is to install vanities that resemble console tables. Rather than being completely grounded, the vanity may rest on legs. Open shelves further add to the console table look. Just remember to choose a practical countertop material that can withstand water splashes and toiletry spills.

Terrazzo Tile

Designers and homeowners alike are drawn to terrazzo, a low-maintenance composite tile made of marble, granite, quartz, glass, and other materials. The mixture is held together with concrete or resin, and the tiles are often laid out in a mosaic pattern. You can incorporate this tiling everywhere, from shower walls and floors to countertops and backsplashes.

Stand-Alone Sinks and Tubs

If you’ve got room for them, freestanding fixtures are all the rage in bathroom renovations this year. The luxurious appeal and minimalist design of having the sink and tub stand on their own, rather than being surrounded by walls or a vanity, is the reason this bathroom remodel idea has gained traction recently.

Bold Tile Layouts

When browsing tiles, don’t be afraid to go bold! Many stylish bathrooms are covered from floor to ceiling in uniquely textured or colored tiles. For something a little more conservative, consider an experimental tile design in the shower or even a small niche. You may find you love the pattern so much that you want to extend the design to other areas of the bathroom.

Statement Faucets and Sinks

This trend takes on many forms, depending on your overall design style and personal taste. Perhaps you love the idea of a vessel sink sitting on top of the counter with a modern waterfall faucet. Antique fixtures are also trending, such as an oval sink with a cross-handle faucet in a brass finish. Whatever your tastes, the idea is to choose a bathroom sink and faucet that make a statement!

Ambient Lighting

Most bathrooms have a single light switch that turns the vanity lights on and off. You can create so much more ambiance by including other light sources as well. Cove lighting along the ceiling perimeter, spotlights around a freestanding tub, a back-lit mirror, and dimmable sconces are all unique ideas worth considering.

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Blackdog is proud to provide top-quality bathroom renovation services throughout the Salem and Nashua, NH area. We’ll implement whatever design trends appeal to you most, with suggestions from our experienced design team along the way to guide your choices. When you partner with Blackdog, you can count on a professional process with customer-centric services throughout the entire five-step process.

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