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Custom Cabinet Designs To Consider

nsplash When you think about your kitchen design during your consultation with your designer, you think about everything, right? Everything from considering where the appliances should go, if you are going to have an island, the lighting and what flooring to have are all major points of a remodel.

One of the things on your list should also be your kitchen cabinets. When you work with a contractor and a designer you can work out whether to refurbish your cabinets or start from scratch. Many times, starting from scratch is the best way to go.

When you consider cabinetry design it is good to know what options you have. There are many styles of cabinets that you can consider when you go to replace your cabinets. Houzz’s list of cabinet styles shows the top 8 cabinet styles that are available to you. Basic statements of each of the most popular are below, if you want to see some pictures be sure to visit the Houzz website to see them.

Top Cabinetry Designs For Your Kitchen Remodel

  • Shaker
    • This style of cabinet is the most popular today. Chances are most kitchens will have this cabinet. It has a flat panel with a frame around the center.
  • Louvered
    • The name of this one is a bit weird but it is made of horizontal slats, like a shutter for a window. Bringing this look inside is expensive but it is good if you need ventilation in the cabinet.
  • Flat
    • This is a great option for someone who likes smooth, sleek lines. Without a lot of flare, these add a clean look to your kitchen by eliminating details from the doors and drawers. They are great for a more Contemporary space.
  • Inset
    • One of the most expensive styles on the market at the moment, it is a classic look. While most doors rest on the outside, these are flush with the frame resting inside the frame itself. This look is one that will work with many different designs.
  • Distressed
    • If you want antique looks in a modern kitchen, distressed cabinets are the way to go. You can distress any style of cabinet you want by rubbing at the corners and various other spots to give a faded look.
  • Beadboard
    • For a typical cottage feel, beadboard is the one to go to. Created to mimic beadboard paneling there are lines vertically across the cabinets with a frame capturing the effect.
  • Thermofoil
    • Created from medium-density fiberboard, these have a plastic-like coating that covers the fiberboard. They are baked to create a seal, making the cabinets extremely durable but also budget-friendly.

If none of these styles seem right for you, consider custom kitchen cabinets. Custom cabinets will allow you the freedom to design your cabinets to fit your needs. Adding glass to the cabinets, or allowing for you to create a mixture of multiple styles gives you a wider range of individuality. Custom cabinets are usually a bit more expensive but the outcome will be a kitchen that is entirely your own.

BlackDog Builders can create any cabinets you need for your kitchen. We are ESP certified, meaning we are environmentally friendly with all of our cabinets. Call us today if you need to give your kitchen a cabinet facelift.

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