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Closed Concept Homes

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What Are Closed Concept Homes & Would I Want One?

In the past 10 years, open concept homes have swept the market. Many homeowners enter a house and say that they can knock down a wall to accomplish their vision of the perfect open kitchen design. However, there are many individuals who are slowly going back to the closed concept home.

While most individuals prefer the open concept home, the closed concept does have its draw, which is why it is slowly gaining popularity again. After all, how can you hide from the in-laws during the holiday party in an open concept home?

Hidden Mess

If you are hosting a dinner party, you want to be able to enjoy the party even if you are the cook. It is times like this that make having a closed kitchen amazing. You can cook, leave the mess until later, and then go mingle with your guests! You don’t need to feel as though you need to clean up right away because people can see into your kitchen. There is no pressure to have everything 100% clean and tidy at all times.

More Storage

More wall space means more storage. The more wall space you have in your kitchen means that you can add more cabinets and countertop space so you can have room to prep your meals. It also will give you a surface to stack all those dirty dishes from the party that you are going to take care of later.

nsplash Separation for Calm & Control

This depends solely on the cook. Some cooks don’t mind being talked to and asked questions while they are cooking. For those that would rather cook in peace, having the separation allows you to prep and cook without menial conversation. You are able to focus on the task at hand without worrying about needing to be social until everything is perfect, complete and ready to go.

Less Travels in the Air From Space to Space

While a hint of the smells from the kitchen will pass to the rest of the home, having the separation will allow you to contain most of the smell of cooking to a particular part of the home. While a lighter fragrance of the food will waft into the rest of the home, the strongest of the scents will remain in the closed off kitchen.

Give Yourself a Break with a Closed Concept Design

Everyone needs a break at some point during a gathering at the home. Whether it is family, friends or a mixture, sometimes a break is a good thing. Having a separation between the kitchen and the rest of the home can give you a space to retreat and regroup before returning to the gathering. While there are other spaces to go, the kitchen allows you the freedom of breathing for a bit while you pretend to check on the food.

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While there are arguments for both forms of kitchen design in NH, a closed concept home still has its pros. At the end of the day, it will truly be what you as the homeowner prefers. Just remember, walls are easier to take down than to put back up.

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