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How to Design Your Master Suite

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There is a world of difference between your house and your dream home. But the good news is this: You can have your dream home right where you live! All it takes is the right remodeling company and a well-thought-out plan. What better place to start than by transforming your bedroom into a master suite worthy of calling your own personal retreat?

Begin With a Defined Budget

There’s nothing more frustrating than planning things out and getting an estimate, only to find that the plan is gorgeous but well beyond what you’re comfortable with spending. Always define a budget first—make it a range rather than a hard number. If you struggle with figuring out how much things should cost, discuss building a budget with your remodeling contractor!

Master Suite Remodeling Basics

First, it’s important that we clarify something: This is your home, and your master suite remodel. Trends, ideas, and how-to’s are a very handy way to nail down your basics and to generate a plan, but ultimately, you’re building your personal paradise. There is no “don’t do” or “faux pas.”

Some great places to start include:

  • Flooring upgrades – Replacing your drab carpets or tired laminates with rich hardwood flooring can add tons of visual appeal and a great sense of luxury. It’s also an excellent way to make your room feel brand-new, and without breaking the bank.
  • Color design – Color is one of the areas that will be totally unique to you, making it a great area for personal tastes and customization. Do you like the clean lines and comfort of a monochrome setup, or are you more into making things feel rustic with custom cabinetry, hardwood furniture, and earthy-tone paint?
  • Updated lighting – Bad lighting design can leave a room feeling sterile or cramped. Conversely, good lighting design can enhance your space, taking a “good” design and turning it into a master suite remodel that you can love for decades to come.

Master Suite Bump-Outs Add Usable Space

If you find yourself lacking space to do all that you planned to do, consider a bump-out. Bump-outs are a simple process that extends an existing wall to add more square footage of room space. It can make a world of difference if you want to include added amenities to your master suite, such as a reading corner or home office.

Master Bathroom Design

More so than in your bedroom suite, you will want to pay attention to balancing function and utility with visual appeal. If you’re struggling with finding direction, here are some pointers to discuss with your master bathroom remodelers:

  • Define your must-have amenities – Are you dying for a walk-in shower, or a spa-style bathtub? If there are things you must have, be sure to put them at the top of the list.
  • Effective master bathroom storage – In bathrooms, everything needs to have a place. Without proper storage, all of your great master suite design ideas are going to get buried in toiletries. Luckily, this is easily done. Custom cabinetry, recessed storage, and shelving are all viable options.
  • Balanced master bath lighting – A strong mix of task lighting and aesthetic lighting is important. Whether you prefer recessed LEDs, track lights, or even standing lights, this is very doable. But be sure to plan for/around it!

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