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Salem, NH 603.952.3192
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Is the price negotiable?

Often, our clients use this question to ask, “If the price is higher than we’re comfortable with, will you work with us to help us get it down?” The answer there is a resounding “yes!” We begin the project development process with an eye toward meeting all our clients’ needs including budget. If, after roughing out a design, we determine that the cost of building that project is more than our client wants to invest, we can offer suggestions to help bring the budget back into line. Solutions can be as simple as selecting different products or finishes or as all-encompassing as simplifying the design by re-addressing the primary goals for the project.

Sometimes, our clients ask this question meaning, “Will you sell this project to me for a lower price because I asked?” The answer is “no.” Blackdog believes in fair and honest pricing for every client. The only way we could reduce the price of one client’s project would be to raise the price of another client’s and that is not the Blackdog way.

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