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Renovation Made Right: Listen to Blackdog’s Home Renovation Podcast

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Just about every homeowner who’s considering a remodeling project shares one thing in common: anxiety. At Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, our team understands why some may be hesitant to begin a project at all. From horror stories of damaged homes to contractor no-shows, it’s easy to see why even the idea of a home renovation project is enough to have some homeowners heading for the hills.

Rest assured, the Blackdog team strives to ensure a stress-free, enjoyable renovation experience from start to finish. To help put some of the biggest home reno rumors to rest, we started a helpful podcast for homeowners to learn everything they need to know about home remodeling. Our podcast, Renovation Made Right, covers all topics homeowners will find most helpful when navigating their renovation! 

What Is Renovation Made Right?

Renovation Made Right is Blackdog’s educational podcast series aimed at helping homeowners understand the processes involved with pulling off a successful renovation project. Industry professionals Dave and Brenda Bryan host the show, guiding you through what you need to know when pulling together a remodeling project. Whether you’re wondering which room to remodel first, what flooring works best in a kitchen, or how to choose the right contractor, Blackdog covers it all in one podcast.

Everything You Need To Know About Home Remodeling, All in One Place

When we say we cover it all, we mean it! Our podcast covers a broad range of topics and even takes a deep dive into listeners’ questions to provide personalized answers to their most pressing problems. Episode topics include:

In addition to addressing remodeling topics in-depth, we also provide plenty of opportunities for listeners to submit questions for our Listener Question episode series.

Where To Listen to Renovation Made Right

Renovation Made Right is released on a biweekly basis and is available for free to listen to anywhere you listen to podcasts, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. You can also stream our episodes through the Renovation Made Right website and stay tuned for new releases by following the podcast on Instagram.

Thinking about remodeling your home? Blackdog is here to help. Contact our team at 603-769-4938 in Nashua or 603-952-3192 in Salem to schedule a home remodeling consultation today!

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