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Architect Designed

Blackdog Builders routinely builds projects designed by architects, so we have a specific process that helps to deliver the maximum value to you.

About Architects

Architects often come up with inventive ideas to solve complex design problems. They also ensure that a project is true to itself aesthetically—whether it’s classical or original in styling.

A complicated project, like a room addition, can really benefit from an architect’s ability to visualize ideas three-dimensionally. If you want to extend the existing historic look of an older home, the finesse of an architect could also prove to be beneficial. Additionally, architects play a major role in a project where you want the home to make a one-of-a-kind statement.

Your architect designed project

One of our design consultants will work with you using our project development process to provide a complete and accurate price. Additionally, option pricing and value-engineered recommendations provide you with as much budget flexibility as possible, while still respecting and adhering to the design. Whenever possible, we feel it’s best to partner with your architect at the schematic stage of design to add the most value to the process, and to provide ongoing budget feedback. This will ensure there are no pricing surprises as your plans develop into a real project.

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