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Chuck Benedict

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Basement Finishing Specialist


I have been in sales for over 20 years. I have worked in home entertainment, banking, and auto sales for most of my sales career, but I joined the team at Blackdog because I believed in the Total Basement Finishing System.

As a homeowner, I understand the headache of a finished basement being done wrong. I purchased my home over four years ago, and it was built only 20 years ago. What could go wrong? Shortly before Christmas, I went downstairs one day and found water on my floor. I was not happy! I had a crack in my foundation, and a little drip of water was coming in, and it caused me to redo a giant portion of my basement. Months later, and over $12,000 later, I finally finished what went wrong. I joined the team with Blackdog because I didn’t want this to happen to others. If I can help create an enjoyable, safe space that will last a lifetime, I want to help.

Blackdog Builders is an exclusive dealer for Total Basement Finishing and has exclusive access to patented products, comprehensive training, and support. I enjoy meeting homeowners to help them create healthy living spaces and solve their basement needs. I am an expert in helping customers design beautifully finishedbasements, maximizing usable space and enabling them to get more enjoyment out of their homes.

Planning the Perfect Remodel Hosted by David Bryan, President of Blackdog Builders AUGUST 22, 2021
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