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Dave Bryan

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Accreditations: CGR Certified Graduate Remodeler, CAPS Certified Aging in place specialist

Education: the University of Vermont – BS from the School of Business and Administration with a concentration in Marketing

Experience: My introduction to the remodeling industry started by swinging a hammer for a builder on Martha’s Vineyard during the summers starting in High School. My passion for construction grew and by the time I graduated from college, I knew that owning and running my own construction company was what I wanted to do. I started like most remodeling companies start with a pickup truck, a dog, and a hammer. Over time I was able to grow the business and create the fantastic team we have now.

Design Philosophy: I believe that great design is a function of actively listening to our client’s needs and wants and then spending time digging in a little deeper to challenge those assumptions to ensure that our solutions are truly appropriate, add value, and improve the quality of our client’s lives. I also believe that fantastic designs that go unbuilt and exist only on paper are not worth much. To that end, I think it is important to have open and honest conversations about the budget early in the design process. This allows us to avoid the all too common sticker shock that often comes at the end of the design process.

Raving Fans: Home renovation is a tough business. Not the actual construction work… the 2×4’s and sheetrock are the easy part. It is tearing someone’s home apart and putting it back together while they are living in it and making sure that not only do they love the finished product but the process as well… that is the tough part! I want all our clients to be raving fans and every member of our team does as well.

Interests: I enjoy spending time with my wife and four kids, exercise, upland game hunting, saltwater fishing(as much as my marriage will allow), building furniture in my shop, and volunteering for various organizations in the Merrimack Valley.

Planning the Perfect Remodel Hosted by David Bryan, President of Blackdog Builders AUGUST 22, 2021
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