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Trish MacNeil

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Trish is a Design Consultant at Blackdog and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior design. She enhances the traditional design process with state of the art 3d conceptual visualization that allows you to experience your space before it is built.

She is responsible for all phases of design, ideation, and problem solving for a wide variety of multifaceted residential design projects. Trish strives to develop strong relationships with clients, and production teams to ensure project success.

Trish has made a career out of self-started ventures. After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in interior design and working ten years as an exhibit designer and architectural designer, she launched UnionStudio, a 3D freelance design business to provide services to leading design firms and project-specific creative direction to a network of designers.

Trish continued to dabble in design while co-founding UnionStudio Yoga in 2007. Under her management and creative growth strategies, she grew the business to become the premier yoga studio in the Merrimack Valley.

Following a successful exit, Trish reentered the design business focusing on residential design, launching TMN Design. TMN Design enhanced the traditional design process with state of the art 3d conceptual visualization that allows the client to experience their space before it is built.

According to Trish, “the environment of Blackdog is inspiring and empowering. The core values and philosophy of the company align with my own. I work with some awesome, talented, funny, and dedicated people. I am learning all the time from my co-workers who are knowledgeable and caring. There is always something to laugh about… laughing is good for my soul.”

Trish’s design philosophy is “remodeling is a unique journey for each homeowner. I design for living, real homes for real people, maximizing the space you have with the functionality you need. I strive to craft well-proportioned spaces and arrange them to flow well together. I work to create designs that are fitting to the location, spirit, and budget of each project.”

In her spare time, Trish enjoys Iyengar yoga, hiking, and travel. She lives in Andover, MA with her family.

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