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Samantha Eastman

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Sam is the Marketing Specialist at Blackdog. With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Marketing from Bryant University, Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to her role. Her responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks, including social media marketing, crafting compelling email campaigns, and producing graphic designs. Sam greatly enjoys the constantly evolving nature of marketing, as it not only allows, but encourages her to cultivate new skills on a daily basis.

When asked what she loves about Blackdog, she replied that she has enjoyed the welcoming and innovative work environment that she’s experienced since day one. She feels lucky to work in an atmosphere where everyone is willing and eager to collaborate in order to produce the best work possible. 

Outside of her professional life, Sam surrounds herself with creativity, her friends, and a surplus of animals (including two rabbits). She likes to hike, especially in the fall when she can enjoy New England’s changing seasons. When she isn’t enjoying the outdoors or wrangling her pets, she is probably painting or writing, having published her first novel, ‘Fly Me To The Sun,’ in 2019. 

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