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The Many Benefits of Having a Basement Pantry

By Luke Tighe

One of the biggest benefits of having a finished basement in your home is that it helps open up the rest of your home by providing extra storage space. Common areas that can do with decluttering include your garage, closets, bedrooms, home offices – anywhere in your house. But you might not think that having a finished basement can help out your kitchen! But how would a subterranean addition to your home impact your cooking and eating habits? The answer is as simple as adding in some shelves downstairs to create a pantry in your basement.

My kitchen was recently remodeled, and while it is lovely, it only has the storage capacity for the essentials for preparing meals, along with what we can fit in the fridge. But luckily for us, we have always had a basement pantry. This way, we are always ready to buy all sorts of items wholesale; meaning we can save a ton of money while also having a stock of anything we might need. Due to our extra storage, we have all sorts of non-perishable foods, as well as items like paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies. So that rushed car ride into town now is replaced by a quick walk downstairs once you realize you’re missing an ingredient for dinner.

Back to the topic of space, the basement pantry can do so much for you without taking too much space itself. My basement pantry consists entirely of two shelving units floor to ceiling in one part of my basement. This alone is a massive help to us, but you can create a pleasant designated area that is inviting and spacious as you like depending on your needs.

Whether you have a big or small family, basement pantries can still save you significant amounts by letting you buy in bulk. So if your basement is unfinished, this is one of the many benefits of getting that project off your to-do list. Besides having a basement pantry, there are plenty of reasons to have a finished basement. Please check out our “Reasons to Remodel” section of our website under the “Services” tab to learn more! And if it is finished, what are you waiting for!


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