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Salem, NH 603.952.3192
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What Is an Energy Audit?

As a home builder in MA and NH, Blackdog knows how important it is for our work to be green and energy efficient. Providing our customers with the best products and services can mean saving them plenty of money down the road when it comes to their heating and cooling costs, especially in a climate where we see such wide temperature variation. For that reason alone, we work with other businesses that can improve their homes.

Dr. Energy Saver is a home energy contractor Blackdog Affiliate that specializes in saving homeowners money and energy by providing energy-efficient upgrades and repairs. They accomplish these tasks by performing an energy audit on your home.

What Is an energy audit?

An energy audit is an examination of your home’s current energy efficiency. Much like when you visit your primary doctor, Dr. Energy Saver’s trained and certified technicians come in to inspect your home and diagnose some areas that could need improvement for better sustainability and cost savings. With so many aspects of your home working in conjunction with another, fixing even just one problem area could result in better air quality, lower heating and cooling costs, and more.

These detailed reports show exactly how your home performs and the best ways to improve their current conditions of all the key systems, comprehensive recommendations, free estimates of the recommended improvements, and more. Dr. Energy Saver will be honest with you from start to finish regarding the improvements you need to make to see results.

From insulation services to window replacement to air duct sealing and more, Dr. Energy Saver will be with you every step of the way to provide you with the most realistic and professional energy savings claims.

Blackdog Builders is not only an exceptional MA and NH contractor, but we are also only associated with the most superior businesses in the area that improve our work and help our customers in the best way possible.

With more questions about an energy audit, contact Dr. Energy Saver at (603) 458-7961. To learn more about Blackdog and our services, please call our Salem location (603) 952-3192 or our Nashua location (603) 769-4938.

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