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What Makes a New Home More Efficient?

With modern technology and the EPA’s ENERGY STAR®, which is designed to promote energy-efficient products, energy efficiency in homes has grown more and more important. These homes have also started to become the standard—and with good reason. In addition to benefiting the environment, they are good for quality of life and your energy bills!

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What Is an Efficient Home?

In essence, an efficient home seeks to meet two major goals: reduced energy consumption and increased comfort for the homeowner. That means a more efficient home typically costs less to heat and cool (per energy spent) and stays comfortable more often, makes better use of water, and is generally more environmentally-friendly.

It sounds like a win-win-win, right? It is! The difficult thing about it is that this is all easier to accomplish when a home is first constructed—and it takes an investment. While the investment can greatly pay off, upfront cost can sometimes be a deterrent. That’s why you want to get things done with knowledgeable experts on your side.

The Best Efficiency-Boosting Options

Efficiency can be achieved through a wide range of services, especially since the industry has evolved considerably to accommodate it. Green building practices and better products have been the biggest pushes. For new construction, the homeowner and design/build team can focus on:

High quality insulation.Developing an effective “envelope” is critical to maximizing comfort and HVAC energy-efficiency, meaning you want correct R-values (bigger numbers are not always “correct”) and a high-quality insulation.

Efficient lighting design.Using LED lights in your design, or even CFLs, can make a major difference in electrical use going forward.

Efficient heating and cooling systems.HVAC usually accounts for up to half of the energy or fuel used in a home, so high-efficiency options are a very wise investment.

Renewable energy options.Solar power technology has come an exceedingly long way and is now a very efficient and capable source of alternative power.

Airtight and durable windows and doors. Superior quality windows and doors mean more home security—and a lot more efficiency.

Can I Make My Older Home More Efficient?

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to construct a whole new home to become more energy-efficient! There’s hope for us all, and there are a lot of ways to find out how to give your home a boost. Seeking an energy audit service from professionals you can trust is an excellent way to achieve this. The service focuses on locating the least efficient areas in the home, resulting in a viewable report that will detail cost-effective methods of increasing efficiency and comfort—and reducing your carbon footprint.

Energy Efficiency Home Building Services in NH & MA

At Blackdog, our top priority is to give our clients the best results possible. Whether you’re looking for efficiency boosts via an energy audit, or you want to talk to trained experts about how to construct an efficient modern home, you’ve come to the right place.

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