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Why Use Total Basement Finishing?

Basement Finishing

When you’ve been a go-to builder in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for as long as Blackdog, you grow to understand and work with the concerns of many New England homeowners. It’s common to hear questions about basement finishing in this neck of the woods and the worries people have about moisture and warmth. For those concerns, we often use Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate.

Total Basement Finishing logoThough we are more than happy to construct a stud and drywall basement for our clients, we prefer to use Total Basement Finishing (TBF) because of its products. TBF was created to be the ultimate basement finishing solution for homes in New England, and for that, our products need to be the best in the business. We have the systems and procedures in place to complete unique projects and improve a home’s functionality. So, what sets this finishing apart from the rest?

Lasting Waterproof Walls

Total Basement Finishing provides a 50-year transferable warranty on the EverLast™ Wall Panel System. These walls are made with thick foam insulation and cement board cladding, which are inorganic. These properties help prevent mold and mildew, and provides acoustic and insulation. They are stronger than drywall with stud construction and is the only system with a warranty against water damage.

The Perfect Flooring Fit

Choosing the right flooring for your basement is knowing the hazards of a concrete subfloor. With moisture as the primary concern, natural materials are likely to grow mold and mildew. Totally Basement Finishing has access to ideal flooring products that are easy to install, are waterproof, won’t create mold, will feel warm under the foot, and more.

Sophisticated Ceiling Tiles

Having access to a home’s utilities in the basement is a must for many, and a dropdown ceiling is an ideal and attractive solution. Total Basement Finishing can provide an easy-to-install ceiling that offers mold resistance, a sound barrier, is environmentally safe, and compatible with recessed lighting.

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Selecting Blackdog’s team and affiliates means choosing some of the best services and products on the market to make your dream home a reality. Since 1989, our team has worked to improve our customer’s daily lives through excellent construction.

With more questions regarding basement finishing, call Total Basement Finishing at (603) 952-3192. For more about Blackdog Builders, please call our Salem location at (603) 952-3192 or our Nashua location at (603) 769-2080.

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