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Disability & Aging-in-Place Remodeling

Roughly 14% of U.S. adults have limited mobility, resulting in difficulty walking, climbing stairs, and performing other everyday activities. Yet the features found in most homes don’t accommodate people who use mobility aids or have physical limitations.

That’s where Blackdog Home Services comes in. We can modify your home — not just to accommodate mobility challenges that often come with age — but to improve accessibility for anyone with physical limitations.

This concept is known as universal design, which aims to make living spaces more functional without losing the beauty of your home.

Interested in learning more about our disability remodeling and aging-in-place services in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts? Let’s talk!

Universal Design Principles

Universal design creates a living space that accommodates people of any age and ability. Homes that incorporate universal design principles are easy to navigate with a wheelchair or walker, yet they are still comfortable and attractive no matter your mobility.

They also don’t impede the movement or comfort of non-disabled people. Instead, they create a stylish interior where everyone feels welcome, independent, and safe.

Accessibility Modifications We Can Make to Your Home

Because universal design principles benefit everyone, the Blackdog team offers disability and aging-in-place modifications to homeowners in Southern New Hampshire or Northeastern Massachusetts.

Whether you or a loved one needs these modifications, we’ll ensure that your project is completed quickly and accurately so you can enjoy your home. Services we offer include:

  • Widening doorways: The ADA requires door openings to be a minimum of 32 inches and open a full 90 degrees. We can widen existing door frames to ensure wheelchair access.
  • Building ramps: Barrier-free entry is an important feature for anyone who uses a wheelchair or walker. We can install an ADA-compliant ramp with a gentle slope.
  • Adding grab bars: Strategically place grab bars where you need them most in your bathroom — most commonly near toilets and showers.
  • Installing accessible tubs and showers: Many bathtubs and showers are barriers to people with limited mobility. Blackdog can install a beautiful curbless shower or walk-in tub with non-slip flooring and handheld sprayers as part of an accessible bathroom renovation.
  • Replacing carpet with hard flooring: High pile carpet may feel luxurious under foot, but it restricts wheelchair access and is a tripping hazard for people with walkers. Our floor installers are happy to replace your wall-to-wall carpet with beautiful, low-maintenance hardwood, vinyl, or tile flooring.
  • Replacing faucets and doorknobs with lever handles: Operating sink faucets and doorknobs is difficult for people with arthritis — and anyone with their hands full. Replacing round fixtures with lever handles eases access for everyone.
  • Lower kitchen and bathroom countertops: ADA-compliant counters are no more than 38 inches above the finished floor. Cutouts below the sink and in food preparation areas also provide wheelchair access.

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The Blackdog team is proud to serve homeowners in Southern New Hampshire and Northeastern Massachusetts by completing universal design modifications that will ease your daily routines and independence navigating your home.

We work hard to complete projects in less time and with less stress so you can be comfortable in your home as soon as possible!

When you’re ready to begin, call (603) 952-3192 for our Salem location, call (603) 769-4938 for our Nashua location, or contact our team online to discuss which modifications best suit your accessibility needs.

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