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Salem, NH 603.952.3192
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Color is Free!

White, white, white. Why is it that people always default to white walls? My mother, an unabashed lover of all things colorful, and as an accomplished interior decorator, used to call this choice “chicken white”. Buk, buk, Bawuuuuk!

Now, I admit, there are times when white is a specific design choice… perhaps a minimalist look is required. But more often than not, clients aren’t ready to make a choice and say to themselves, “Just paint it white, we’ll go back and paint it a different color later.” Yet the later never comes and they live with white (or, if they’re really feeling crazy, Navajo White!!) for the next twenty years.
But color, in paint at least, costs no more than white, so you owe it to yourself to take a risk and throw a bit of your personality on the walls! Be daring and spice up your space with a color that speaks to you.
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