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Salem, NH 603.952.3192
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Adding Space Without an Addition

Addition2 As times change and families expand, the needs of a household tend to change as well. At Blackdog Builders we believe that understanding your options is an important part of the construction process. For example, many home owners may have a decent plot of land, but sometimes adding onto a home isn’t the best alternative. In a more urban environment there is no space to expand and it is a never ending struggle to manipulate the room you have. Our solution to this problem is simple: Instead of looking to expand out, think about expanding down! Basement finishing can create tons of new space without adding even a foot to your original structure.

When imagining a basement, most people generally think of a dingy, dark, cement foundation, while in reality an unfinished basement is an untapped gold mine of potential! When you finish a basement you open the door to multiple opportunities such as:
• An Inlaw Apartment
• An In-Home Office
• A Play Room
• A Home Theatre
• Or even a Home Gym

You may be adding another little one to the family, Grandma and Grandpa might be moving in, or maybe you’re just thinking about the future needs of your family. No matter what the reason, we can assure you that basement finishing is the right choice! The process is a lot easier than it seems as well. Adding some drywall, leveling cement and adding some plumbing and electrical can totally transform any basement. Basement finishing will save you time and money! In fact, on average it is about 32% less expensive to finish a basement than to expand your home, and though DIY can seem enticing, a contractor will usually give you a warranty in case anything goes wrong, so look carefully into your options.

If you are thinking of finishing your basement and want a contractor’s opinion in the New England area give us a call. Blackdog Builders are happy to help with any project. We can be reached at either of our two locations in Salem, NH at 603-952-3192 or in Nashua, NH at 603-769-4938.

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