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Is My Home Too Old to Remodel?

Of all of the questions our team handles on a routine basis, whether a home is too old to remodel might just be one of the most frequently asked. That’s probably because it’s a great question! However, it’s also a question that requires a fairly in-depth answer. At Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, we’re always happy to walk you through the remodeling process, answering any questions you may have along the way.

If you’re ready to discuss your unique home remodeling needs with a professional at Blackdog, contact us online or call give us a call. You can reach our Nashua office at 603-769-4938 or our Salem location at 603-952-3192!  

How to Know If Your Home Is Too Old to Remodel

The good news is that in the vast majority of cases, the answer is no, your home is almost certainly not too old to remodel. It’s less of a question of whether you can, and more of a question of what exactly is stopping you. The important thing to know going into a larger scale home remodel is that many of the existing features in your home might prevent progress.

The truth about the whole question though is that there is not a concrete answer for everyone. Your absolute best bet is to hire a structural engineer, a home inspector—or preferably both. These specialists can give you a definitive answer and help you identify what has to be changed in order for a remodel to be successful. We can also help you assess your needs, but it’s best to start with the inspection specialists before you get too deep into a project.

From a cost-efficiency standpoint, it’s best to plan your remodeling all at once, rather than doing one room at a time. This saves costs on rewiring, changes to the interior walls, and similar large-scale changes. But, if your budget doesn’t allow it, or you just want a simple change like a bathroom remodel, then the process will be a bit easier for you.

Whole-House Remodeling Services

Once you’ve decided to schedule a home remodeling service for your older home, you’ll need a team you can trust. You’ll need someone with extensive experience in remodeling older or historic homes—someone with the tools and training needed to meet your specific needs.

At Blackdog, we are always ready to help homeowners get the dream home they’ve always wanted. We offer a wide array of relevant remodeling services throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts that include:

Home Remodeling Services in NH & MA

Renovating or even rebuilding an older home can be a considerable challenge, but our experts are more than capable for any job you might have. With our specialists on your side and on the job, we can ensure you get everything you ever wanted while staying on-budget, on-time, and flexible to changes.

Contact us online to learn more about our home remodeling services or call our Nashua office at 603-769-4938. If you live in the Salem area, you can reach us at 603-952-3192!

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