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Caring since we started

The value we have for our community is one of the main reasons why Blackdog Builders has grown to where we are today. Without the support of the community, our business would not have flourished the way it has since we started back in 1989 with a beat up pick-up truck. We opened our first remodeling showroom in 1995 and it was major advance in our growing success. We enjoyed the single showroom for a while, but it wasn’t long before we had to open our second location in 2009. We can credit the amazing growth of Blackdog over time to the support of our community. Our goal was to become a world class remodeling company; one that the community could rely on. So, we decided to give back to our loving community and support some of the charities we hold dear to our hearts.
ABC House
Near our showroom in Andover, the ABC House, or A Better Chance, works to close the “education gap for students of color in American Society.” From under-preforming schools, select students can prep for college at Andover High School in order to advance their education goals. Changing lives is a hard business and Blackdog understands that education is a key aspect to achieving any child’s dream. While supporting education, Blackdog embodies our own mission to continually educate ourselves as well. Learning is a constant battle, so while Blackdog works to continue gaining new certifications and various learning needs, we want to make sure that students have the same opportunity that our workers have.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity is one of the biggest volunteer based programs in America today. Working together to build homes while providing hope and a new beginning is their goal. Building for local families year round, they are helping to ensure that everyone has a home to come back to at the end of the day. Work like this makes Blackdog proud to be a supporter. As certified contractors, we know the importance of a stable foundation in terms of building a home as well as a life. Without somewhere to call home, life barely exists and while we work to remodel and update your homes, we are proud to know that others are doing the same.
MSPCA-Cause for the Paws
Last year Blackdog once again hosted the Cause for the Paws golf tournament in Windham, NH for the MSPCA-Nevin’s Farm branch. We had a great showing of support for our cause that we have been hosting for the past 14 years. We love giving back to the wonderful volunteers at Nevins Farm in Methuen. As you can tell by our name, members of the Blackdog team have an undying love for all animals. We are constantly adding new little furry members to the Blackdog family such as Poge and Hazel. Supporting the MSPCA was an absolute no brainer for all of us here at Blackdog to get behind.

Golf 2016
We take great pride in the work we do as a remodeling company in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and we also take pride in what we can give back. We invite you to participate in our next Cause for Paws event; call or email us to discuss the work we do, from charitable causes to remodeling.

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