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Flooring to Consider

The feel of your home is everything to you, your family and your personality. Anytime you work on your house it is a way to add more of your personality into the home. Allow your home to speak for you as you work to create something that will be yours for a lifetime. Any time you end up design remodeling for your home, you are able to bring in something new that you love. Whether you finish a basement, put on a new coat of paint or even change the flooring it is important that you consider your options and the way you want your home to flow.

There are many different flooring options to consider when design remodeling your home. With so many options it is important to know the pros and cons of each flooring before you decide to add them to your home.

modern parquetLaminate
Laminate has a decent durability and is not easily scratched which makes it great for high traffic areas. It also can be a more affordable option than wood floors while still giving you the wood floor look that you crave. However, it is not water proof so while it is durable it should be avoided in areas of your home that track moisture.

Everyone loves a wood floor. There is a sense of elegance when you walk into a home with clean and crisp hardwood floors. They will need refinishing and are not the best for wet areas, but hardwood floors are relatively easy to clean. Hardwood floors can also be colder floors but using area rugs is a great way to break up the wood flooring and muffle the noise.

Ah, carpet. Whether you get Shag, Berber, or Tiles, adding a carpet is a great way to make any room warm and cozy. We typically use carpets in bedrooms and living rooms where there is not usually any moisture being tracked or frequent spills that can stain. While there are Stain Master carpets, they are not fully indestructible. Carpets can also hold in allergens even with vacuuming and cleaning. They are definitely a good flooring option for rooms with a cozier feel, but if they are going to be in high traffic areas, it is a good idea to have some sort of sectional rug to take most of the beating.

Great for wet areas, bad for feet. We have all been there, waking up in the middle of the night and walking into the cold tile of the bathroom. Tile is a nice looking alternative to laminate and vinyl. However, mostly ceramic or porcelain are prone to cracking if they are hit just right. They also need a sealant for the grout work because they can soak in dirt and fluids which could stain the grout. However, with sealed grout work, you can easily have a water proof floor which is great for kitchens and bathrooms. With a little extra splurging you can even heat those tiles to get rid of the cold shock.

Remodeling your home can make you feel at ease in your house. It is a way to turn the house into a home and add your own taste and personality. The flooring choice can make or break a room and is an important aspect of the design remodel that should be considered carefully.

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