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How do you find your design style?

green-remodelingWhen talking with a client about any home remodeling, the concept of style always a big part of the conversation. You know well enough what your preferences are. It’s easy to say “yes I like that tile” and “no that color seems off to me,” but when talking to a designer, terms like “Shaker” and “Minimalist” will often get thrown into the mix and it becomes difficult to understand.

So how do you know which style you want so you can actually communicate with your designer?

There a dozens of different design styles and we know that we cannot cover all of them for you because you would enter design haze. In this blog we wanted to touch on a few different styles that you could consider when thinking about your remodel.


Yes, you read that right. Medieval style idolizes the time in European history from about the 5th-15th century. This design style takes in the feel of the castles by utilizing stone and wood together. Exposed beams and stone highlight the nostalgia of the time period while creating a room that is warm and welcoming.


Modern style gathers its influences from the modern art movement. This design style was used most in the 50s and 60s as it gained popularity so many refer to it as “’mid-century’”. Sleek lines and curves accent each other to create a smooth appealing streamlined look. Circles and Ovals are often used to complement the harsh of the lines. This look is rigid and clean.

French Country

French country compiles elegance with rustic charm. It harkens back to small villages, the warmth of friends and family, and good French wine. Exposed wooden beams, iron candleholders, “faded” paint, and lofty colors add to the feel of a French cottage.

English Country

English Country design has two distinct sides. More masculine, or a little more feminine depending on which materials and colors you use. The masculine side idolizes the feel of The Hunt. Choosing dark woods and embroidered rugs evokes the classic English image of men with their brandy and pipes in hand, while the feminine side dotes on bright colors and floral patterns. This gives an airy feel to the home. This side would be more typical in a bedroom or sitting room. The two sides can mesh together and create a perfectly balanced inviting room. This style is rustic and elegant.


Crossing the pond back to our neck of the woods, the Southwestern style gets its inspiration from a mix of Spanish, Mexican and Native American styles. Southwestern design uses light colors such as terra cotta, tan and cream with splashes of bright color spread around the room which gives a warm, inviting, and lively feel to any home.
These five niche design styles are the tip of a very big iceberg. There is a whole slew of styles to choose from so you don’t need to worry about not having a style to fit your design needs. It also possible to draw inspiration from many different design styles and mix and match as you see fit! When you consider home remodeling, take your time and find what you like so you can go in to a design consult without being overwhelmed.

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