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How to stay “green” during your remodel

certified-green-professionalWhen you do a remodel, it can be a complicated headache of what to use and how to use the right materials for the biggest benefit for you. It becomes even more complicated when you want to have an energy efficient green home! To many, it seems nearly impossible to take part in green remodeling when many of the materials needed seem to be unsustainable. However, there is a way.

BlackDog Builders has been working to help our customers get the best green advantage they can for the past 25 years. The first thing we recommend is an energy audit. With an energy audit you will be able to see where you are losing the most “green credit.” In other words it will show you where you are losing the most energy and where to make your home more sustainable. That is the start to finding out what to do to make your home a Green Remodel.

There are many different benefits to remodeling while keeping the environment in mind. Green Remodeling will reduce your carbon footprint while also helping you cut down on energy costs. Also, depending on how green your home is, you may be eligible for a tax credit depending on how much energy you save.

Here are some popular ways that many individuals have incorporated green into their remodels.

Energy Star Appliances

When you work on a kitchen remodel it is easy to replace some of the old energy draining appliances like your fridge and dish washer with something energy star rated. These appliances are typically evenly priced while helping save energy (and money) in the long run.

Recycled counter tops

Rather than using natural stone in your kitchen or bathroom remodel, consider recycled glass counter tops. Giving a similar look to granite without using the actual rock will cut down both the cost and the carbon footprint of your space.

Skylights and solar panels

Skylights will allow for much more natural light during the day. This natural light will limit how much electricity you actually use during the day, saving it to only nights. Likewise, investing in solar panels, though expensive, is an amazing way to stay green. Plus, solar panels pay for themselves in a few years time thanks to the savings on electricity bills.

Insulation, Ceiling Fans and strategic windows.

A good insulation job will keep both the heat and the AC inside where it belongs and will help you save money every month on heating and cooling costs. IN addition, strategically placed windows where sun can come adds heat into the house in the winter because the sun’s rays. Ceiling fans are also useful because they will circulate the air in the house.

When you work with BlackDog during a green remodel we will help you figure out what green techniques are right for your home. We want you to have an energy efficient home, while maintaining the needs of you and your family. Give us a call today to start ‘energizing’ your home at 603-952-3192.

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