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Keeping the remodel safe for all

No matter what work you decide to do on your home this summer it is important to remember that all members of your family need to feel comfortable. This includes any pets in your home. When you talk to your contractor about your kitchen or your bathroom remodel make sure you are aware that there are steps to take to ensure both the safety of your pets and the workers that will be doing the work. Here are a few tips and tricks from the experts at Blackdog on how to keep your family members and your contractor safe during your remodel.

Allow them to meet
Don’t expect your animals to be fine with a bunch of strangers in the house. It is their home too and they will get confused at the in and out of strangers. Let your NH builders know that you have pets and what kind. Also allow them to greet each other in a non-threatening manner so that the animal doesn’t get territorial and so they still feel comfortable in their home.

Safety Room or Daycare
This is to keep your animals safe and away from the noise. Construction can get loud especially when you demo walls and various other things in the home. During the noisiest parts consider a day care for them. There are many daycares who can care for your pet for a couple of hours while the workers do what they need to. You can even see if family members can watch them for a short while during the work so they can get away from the craziness. Another thought would be to section them into a room away from the noise and the movement so that they can be comfortable in their home while not risking getting injured in the process.Litter of four cute sitting black labrador puppies isolated on a white background

Clean up
When the work is over, most NH builders will clean up after themselves. Particularly at Blackdog we think of the clean up as another part of the job. But everyone is human and sometimes something can be missed. In some cases, it could be a nail, a piece of glass that was overlooked, or extra wood pieces that could be lying around. This includes inside and outside near the dumpster. The little nails and screws can fall without anyone noticing sometimes just because they are so small. It is always good to check the area before you let your pets run fully free.

While any kitchen or bathroom remodel can be quick and painless for you, your pets see things differently. They hear on a different level so the noise can bother them more than it bothers you. Remember to take precaution with your pets when you call in your contractor for any remodeling needs. Stressed out pets means stressed out pet parents. At Blackdog we try to ensure that our client’s pets are taken care of in the proper manner so that the work is done quickly and safely for the pets.

Call Blackdog today to talk about your remodel designs and how we can make sure your pets are safe through the process. We can be reached at either of our showrooms:

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