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Kitchens, Kitchens Everywhere

Everywhere from HGTV to Food Network, designer kitchens and remodel ideas flood the airwaves. While flipping through a magazine or walking through a department store it’s as if the world is screaming for everyone to make a bigger and better kitchen. High tech gadgets can make your kitchen design awe every guest that walks through the door. Does that sound like a kitchen you want to have? Well, there are gadgets out there to give you the kitchen of the future.
Kitchen designers are always trying to push the envelope for the best kitchen. From stove tops to refrigerators, the aspect of the best kitchen is always there just beyond reach because new technology is one step ahead. A few of the newest gadgets would make even a head chef squeal at the prospect of having these. When you remodel your kitchen, consider throwing in some of these appliances and you won’t be disappointed.

  • GE café series French Door Refrigerator with hot water dispenserblackdog design/build/remodel kitchen renovation white cabinets stainless steel hooded vent
    • This fridge enables you to brew your Keurig K-cups from the convenience of your fridge. There is no need for you to have a Keurig on your counter top when it comes in your refrigerator door. For all of you coffee fanatics this is your fridge.
  • Samsung 4 door refrigerator with 8” Wi-Fi enabled LCD and counter Height FlexZone Drawer
    • This is the ultimate high tech fridge of the future. With a tablet built-in, you can enjoy all of the features of your phone from your refrigerator. With kitchen TV, phone applications, memo pad and weather predictions this fridge makes all ordinary fridges look obsolete.
  • Panasonic NP-B6M1FIGB Dishwasher
    • Running at only 44DB this dishwasher is one of the quietest dishwashers that you could have in your kitchen. 3 different basket levels with room for 13 place settings allow plenty of room for all of your dishes. With a dirt sensor to conveniently detect when water is clear you can be sure that your dishes will be coming out cleaner than ever. It also has a ½ load option to save water so you can be eco-friendly with your washes.
  • Sousvide Supreme Water Oven
    • This sounds strange, but you are cooking with water. It is like a crock pot, but you are submerging in water rather than cooking with the food in the slow cooker. The world’s first water oven is designed to cook evenly at the touch of a button. The vacuum seal allows you to keep the flavor and create tenderness in your food while cooking them submerged in water. It still sounds like something out of the Jetson’s kitchen. It even sits on your counter top!
  • VacMaster VP215 Commercial Chamber Vacuum Sealer
    • To go with your Sousvide Water oven, you can get the VacMaster VP215 vacuum sealer. This uses professional grade double seal wire technology to vacuum seal your food in a chamber to keep equal air pressure inside and around the bag. You can even vacuum seal liquids in this beauty before you cook them in the water.
  • Madimix Vision Toaster
    • Never have burnt toast again. This toaster allows you to see your toast as it is toasting so you can get the perfectly golden toast! Never thought we would say toast so many times in a sentence before.

These appliances can bring the future of your kitchen to the present and beyond. When you think about your kitchen design, you can bring in all of these appliances to make a fully high tech kitchen, or a perfect balance of past, present and future. It is fully up to you.
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