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Common Complaints About Older Kitchens

Kitchen designers in NH are approached by homeowners about outdated spaces every day. With so many older homes in New England, we are never surprised to find that these rooms no longer work for our needs in the 21st century. With all of the remodels we have completed, Blackdog Builders has come up with some […]

How Do You Survive a Remodel?

If there is one thing that many home builders in NH face consistently, it is ill-prepared homeowners who are starting a big renovation . Though you can adapt to the best of your ability, there are many experiences that need to be faced head-on to understand fully. For all those homeowners wondering what they are […]

2016 – The Blackdog Recap

Having the opportunity to connect with so many customers throughout 2016 has left Blackdog Builders filled with love as the year comes to a close. We always wonder where the time goes, so it must be true that it flies when you’re having fun. As NH builders, our team has had many fantastic opportunities and […]

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile

Of all the concerns Blackdog Builders hears about bathroom remodeling in NH, our clients are often most worried about their finishes. Though structural and interior work is essential, we know that what you and your guests see in your bathroom has to make a lasting impression. Your tile choice defines your space, and we have […]

Why Two-Toned Cabinets Are All The Rage

If you or someone you know has thought about a kitchen renovation in NH, then you have probably seen pictures of all the current trends in design. With so many places to access this information, it’s no surprise a few of these ideas stand out above the rest while you browse, like two-toned cabinets! Some […]


Managing (and budgeting) your basement remodel

It is the season of remodels now that the weather is getting nicer. Nicer weather means you do not need to sit in the house listening to the noise of the jackhammer downstairs from your basement finishing project. Basements are a key feature in New England homes and many individuals seek a house that has […]

Kid Friendly Basement Finishing Ideas

Basement finishing can be done for a variety of reasons. Extra bedrooms, a beautiful master suite or a family room for everyone to relax in are many of the popular reasons that families decide to improve their basement. While having a man cave or space for visitors is definitely important, when you have a family […]

Keeping the remodel safe for all

No matter what work you decide to do on your home this summer it is important to remember that all members of your family need to feel comfortable. This includes any pets in your home. When you talk to your contractor about your kitchen or your bathroom remodel make sure you are aware that there […]

Flooring to Consider

The feel of your home is everything to you, your family and your personality. Anytime you work on your house it is a way to add more of your personality into the home. Allow your home to speak for you as you work to create something that will be yours for a lifetime. Any time […]

Caring since we started

The value we have for our community is one of the main reasons why Blackdog Builders has grown to where we are today. Without the support of the community, our business would not have flourished the way it has since we started back in 1989 with a beat up pick-up truck. We opened our first […]