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Flooring to Consider

The feel of your home is everything to you, your family and your personality. Anytime you work on your house it is a way to add more of your personality into the home. Allow your home to speak for you as you work to create something that will be yours for a lifetime. Any time […]

Caring since we started

The value we have for our community is one of the main reasons why Blackdog Builders has grown to where we are today. Without the support of the community, our business would not have flourished the way it has since we started back in 1989 with a beat up pick-up truck. We opened our first […]

Kitchens, Kitchens Everywhere

Everywhere from HGTV to Food Network, designer kitchens and remodel ideas flood the airwaves. While flipping through a magazine or walking through a department store it’s as if the world is screaming for everyone to make a bigger and better kitchen. High tech gadgets can make your kitchen design awe every guest that walks through […]

Closed Concept Homes

In the past 10 years, open concept homes have swept the market. Many homeowners enter a house and say that they can knock down a wall to accomplish their vision of the perfect open kitchen design in NH. However, there are many individuals who are slowly going back to the closed concept home. The type […]

How to stay “green” during your remodel

When you do a remodel, it can be a complicated headache of what to use and how to use the right materials for the biggest benefit for you. It becomes even more complicated when you want to have an energy efficient green home! To many, it seems nearly impossible to take part in green remodeling […]

Tackling a Bathroom Renovation

   Remodeling can be tough. There’s no doubt about that. When taking away someone’s kitchen for a few months you really get to know the best and the worst side of a client. No matter who you are, everyone going through the remodeling process goes through what we call in the business ‘remodeling fever.’ The […]

Which Countertop?

   So, your kitchen remodeling journey is almost finished. The last thing you need to do is install your countertops. It should be easy to figure out what will work well with your cabinets and color scheme. In a way, yes, matching your countertop color to compliment the rest of the space is easy enough, […]

Cabinets, Cabinets.

When you think about your kitchen design during your consultation with your designer, you think about everything, right? Everything from considering where the appliances should go, if you are going to have an island, the lighting and what flooring to have are all major points of a remodel. One of the things on your list […]

How do you find your design style?

When talking with a client about any home remodeling, the concept of style always a big part of the conversation. You know well enough what your preferences are. It’s easy to say “yes I like that tile” and “no that color seems off to me,” but when talking to a designer, terms like “Shaker” and […]

Adding Space Without an Addition

As times change and families expand, the needs of a household tend to change as well. At Blackdog Builders we believe that understanding your options is an important part of the construction process. For example, many home owners may have a decent plot of land, but sometimes adding onto a home isn’t the best alternative. […]