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Being Thankful

I realize it is not Thanksgiving but, as I was thinking about what remodeling related tid-bit I should share I found my thoughts drifting to the many things that are going well in Blackdog. We are in a point in time where we have a bunch of great clients who are fun to work with and […]

Blackdog Builders on Houzz

One of the many challenges in remodeling is for your designer to understand your aesthetic. To say, “I like traditional” or “I really don’t like country” begins to narrow down what might work but, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.   For years and years we have told clients to find […]

Color is Free!

White, white, white. Why is it that people always default to white walls? My mother, an unabashed lover of all things colorful, and as an accomplished interior decorator, used to call this choice “chicken white”. Buk, buk, Bawuuuuk! Now, I admit, there are times when white is a specific design choice… perhaps a minimalist look […]

Mom or Dad coming to live with you !

The fasted growing segment of our population is people who are over age 65. One of the growing trends we have noticed in our market is an interest in In-Law apartments. Many reasons exist that make In-Law additions a viable and desirable option for families looking to ensure that an aging parent has a safe […]

Save yourself from a contractor from Hell!

Here at Blackdog we have always been about improving our industry. Did you know that in the remodeling industry, on average, only 52% of the people who hire someone to remodel their home are happy with the experience? We think this is crazy but, it is a reality. The real key to improving this situation […]

House Talk in 980AM WCAP

    While we don’t make the money that Matty in Morning makes we do have a fun little radio show called HOUSE TALK that we would love to have you listen to. Dave Bryan CRG,CAPS, often with Brenda Bryan CKD or another industry related guests opens the phone lines every Friday from 11am-12pm to […]

Is solar electric for you?

The quick answer to this question is based on the answer to two simple questions. Question 1: Do you live in Massachusetts ? Question 2: Do you have a large portion of your roof that faces South or at least mostly South?   If you answered yes to both of these questions then the odds are very […]