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Salem, NH 603.952.3192
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Questions to Ask a Potential Contractor

Blackdog has answered nearly every client question you can think of. From big to small, we know that renovation projects are a financial and emotional investment, and you only want to hire one of the best NH contractors in the area. For those out there who are unsure of what to ask when they meet with a potential contractor, here are a few questions we have in mind!

How long have you been in business?

Working with a contractor that has years of experience under his or her belt often means you can rest well knowing they have mastered the art of scheduling, planning, and executing their work. It also helps when they are locally or nationally recognized as a go-to contractor!

Do you have references I can contact?

On top of asking about their experience and recognitions, any contractor who has completed exceptional work can offer a handful of great client references. There is no better way to confirm or deny the claims a contractor makes in your initial meeting about your renovation.

Are you licensed and insured?

As it’s important with any hired service, you want to always work with a contractor who is licensed and insured! You will be happy to work with a business that is documented for completing quality work and have expenses covered in the event of accidents or damages in your home.

Who will be working on my home daily?

Knowing more about the crew on your property can help ease any concerns you might have about strangers around your home and can also inform you about your on-site project manager. Having this information can give you a point of contact, can address your concerns, and can answer many questions you might have.

What is the work schedule like?

This is especially important for anyone looking to live in their home through a renovation. Not only do you gain a sense of the contractors’ organization, but it can also allow you to better plan your business hours to make the long days less stressful for you and your family.

Luckily, choosing Blackdog means choosing an NH builder that is committed to our customer. With years of experience, national and local awards, and a world-class team, you will be happy you chose us from the very start.

With more questions, contact us in Salem (603) 952-3192 or Nashua (603) 769-4938.

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