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Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tile

Of all the concerns Blackdog Builders hears about bathroom remodeling in NH, our clients are often most worried about their finishes. Though structural and interior work is essential, we know that what you and your guests see in your bathroom has to make a lasting impression. Your tile choice defines your space, and we have a few suggestions for picking between different styles, colors, and patterns.

Start with your must-have tile

Have you always dreamed of your walk-in shower complete with subway tile? Picking the tile you want most can help you make other design choices down the line and eliminate some of the options that don’t match aesthetically.

Always consider maintenance

Some stones and tiles require more upkeep than others, and that can have a serious impact on our budgets and ultimately, our final decision. Consider what kind of maintenance and cleaning you are willing to have in your bathroom before making that final selection.

Choose only one “risky” tile

One great part about tile is that there are so many to choose from! With a variety of patterns and styles, you have the option to pick an out-of-the-box design. Our suggestion is to allow that colorful tile to be the centerpiece and surround it with more muted, complementary tile.

Stick to 3 different tiles or less

Tile is beautiful, but it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you choose multiple colors, patterns, and styles. A general rule of thumb is picking a maximum of three tiles to avoid an overpowering design.

Fortunately, there are builders in NH that have the design team you need to help make these tough choices to match your style and taste. Blackdog Builder has over 25 years in the industry, and we would love to be a part of your remodel.

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