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Why Two-Toned Cabinets Are All The Rage

If you or someone you know has thought about a kitchen renovation in NH, then you have probably seen pictures of all the current trends in design. With so many places to access this information, it’s no surprise a few of these ideas stand out above the rest while you browse, like two-toned cabinets! Some might wonder why these cabinets have become so popular, and Blackdog Builders can think of a few reasons.

It’s aesthetically pleasing

Everyone wants their home to look great, and two-toned cabinets are an easy way to do just that. This design choice can make your space feel bigger, lighter, brighter, and can offer some dimension that could be missing with other finishes.

It can work in a number of kitchen styles

Are you into traditional design? Modern? Luckily, two-toned cabinets work in nearly any setting you can imagine. Many who love traditional design will use two more natural colors while those who appreciate modern design will take the opportunity to pick something a little more adventurous.

It can give you the pop of color you were looking for

You might have your heart set on using orange in your design, but are concerned that it could be too much color for an entire bank of cabinets. By choosing to paint your island or base cabinets, you can get the excitement you were looking for without the overwhelming commitment.

Deciding that you need kitchen remodeling in NH can be difficult, but selecting Blackdog Builders is simple. Our team has a vast knowledge of design and can help you come up with a layout and style that looks great with those two-toned cabinets. You will rest well knowing your new kitchen will look beautiful, fresh, and exciting.

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