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Which Countertop?

kitchen-remodel   So, your kitchen remodeling journey is almost finished. The last thing you need to do is install your countertops. It should be easy to figure out what will work well with your cabinets and color scheme. In a way, yes, matching your countertop color to compliment the rest of the space is easy enough, it is the choice in material that takes the longest. Countertops a lot of consideration, especially when it comes to what material will be most resistant in your home.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets you need to think about durability. The kitchen is one of the rooms that are used most. It is also more likely to have damage done to it. Your countertops need to be able to be stain resistant, durable against accidental knives and also be able to be cost effective for you. Here is some information to help with the decision when you go to install your countertops. A few of the more popular countertop choices are listed below.


No one can deny that marble countertops can make for a breathtakingly beautiful space. It is one of the most expensive countertop materials, but it is very heat resistant and will remain cool to the touch compared to other materials. This is why it is used in Cold Stone and Marble Slab Creameries. However, marble tends to stain, chip and scratch, so resealing your countertops every once in a while is a good idea if they will be subject to a lot of wear and tear.


Granite is another natural stone that is common in kitchens. It will also do well with splashes and regular wear and tear. Again though, because it is a natural stone it will need to be sealed regularly to ensure that it doesn’t stain. Granite is also a heavy material which means you will need strong cabinets to ensure it will be held up.


Quartz is created with resin and quartz chips and is most often artificially engineered. It is a mixture of natural stone and sold surfacing. It has a larger range of colors and patterns than natural stone. Maintenance of quartz is not as strenuous compared to natural stone; however you will be able to tell that it is engineered.

Sold Surfacing

Solid Surfacing is made from Acrylic and polyester and it is best known as Corian. This is because Corian was the first company to produce it. It is a nonporous substance so sealing is not an issue. Though tough, it is not impervious. It can still get scratches and burns, yet it is possible to sand them out. There are no cracks with solid surfacing so crumbs won’t fall in and create a mess.

Butcher Block

Butcher block is solid wood and creates a cozy feeling in your kitchen. It is susceptible to knives and burning from hot pans however. Though it is easily sanded down and you have a chopping block in your whole kitchen. You need to be careful though. Wood tends to expand and contract with moisture so that is an issue. Because wood is porous it could harbor bacteria so disinfecting needs to be second nature. Also oiling is needed to dill in scratches and protect it.

For more countertop materials you can go here to get more information from Houzz. In any kitchen remodeling project Blackdog and our designers can help you make the right decision for you so give us a call.

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