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Every homeowner has some fears about the remodeling industry. Just about every homeowner considering a remodeling project is nervous. They hear horror stories from their neighbors and friends about damage to homes, a contractor taking a deposit and never showing up, and even being sued by injured employees! That, in conjunction with the multitude of bad reviews on websites like Yelp and Google, make the words “scary story” and “remodeling” practically synonymous. It does not have to be like this—education is the key to a great remodeling experience!

Each week, join Dave and Brenda Bryan, veterans of the industry and owners of the successful and highly respected design/build remodeling company Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, as they guide you through what you need to know when pulling together a remodeling project. Dave and Brenda will dive into the often confusing, misleading, and downright stressful world of residential remodeling. Whether you want to learn about how to select the right project, or what flooring works best in a kitchen, or how you choose what contractor to work with, or have absolutely no idea where to start, this is the podcast for you. It will be fun and informative, and will save you time and money!

Check out our latest episodes of Renovation Made Right on home design and remodeling:

Episode 7: Funding Your Renovation Project with Lori Kerrigan

Join Dave and Brenda as they sit down with guest Lori Kerrigan, a Mortgage Officer from Enterprise Bank, where they discuss the different ways consumers can pursue financing and funding their remodeling projects.
Hosted by David and Brenda Bryan. Produced and Edited by Merrill Porterfield

Episode 6: How to Identify the Best Service Provider for Your Project

Join Dave and Brenda as they provide tips on identifying the service providers that best fit you and your project’s needs. They discuss how to determine which type of professional is needed, where to find them, and the best vetting tools available for you to reference.

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Episode 5: How To Move Forward Once You’ve Identified Your Project

Join Dave and Brenda as they discuss how to move forward with your project once you’ve made a decision on the type of project that best fits your needs, and why the need for design is an important consideration when planning your project.

Episode 4: Client Interview with Jennifer Bukowski, Owner of Le Petit Farm and Retreat

Dave and Brenda sit down with a prior client, Jennifer Bukowski, owner of Le Petite Farm and Retreat, as they discuss her remodeling journey and her experience with an HGTV pilot.
Find Jennifer at, @jenniferbukowski on Instagram, @lespetitfarm on Facebook

Episode 3: How to Select the Right Project

Dave and Brenda discuss how to determine the best project to fit your needs. They discuss realistic expectations, how to determine your wants vs. needs for your home, budget considerations, and more!

Episode 2: The Remodeling Industry

Dave and Brenda discuss the remodeling industry and how to approach it as a homeowner. They provide tips and tricks for what to look for when considering a company, how to intelligently navigate fact vs. fiction when it comes to remodeling info on the internet, and how to be a self-advocate as a homeowner to ensure a positive outcome.

Episode 1: Introduction to Renovation Made Right

Join Dave and Brenda Bryan, hosts of Renovation Made Right and owners of the remodeling company Blackdog Builders, as they chat about their background in the industry and why they decided to make a remodeling podcast for consumers.


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Hosted by David and Brenda Bryan
Produced and Edited by Merrill Porterfield

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