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Jane Face

Design Consultant


Experience: Jane earned her degree in Interior Design; while raising her two daughters with her husband, Dennis, in Syracuse, New York in 1998. Her career began as a design consultant for a plumbing wholesaler. Her love of kitchen and bath design blossomed into her own kitchen and bath consulting business, which she ran as a sole proprietor for the 5 years. Having a great team of vendors and contractors from all segments of the design industry was key to her success. Jane’s designs were featured at the Parade of Homes, a Syracuse Home Builders Association annual event which featured 8-10 custom builders and interior designers showing the latest design trends and architectural styles. Jane returned to Boston to be closer to family in 2008, and worked as a senior designer for the Home Depot’s Expo Design Center located in Burlington, MA. Working with a diverse group of clients on a wide variety of projects, ranging from a simple powder room in the suburbs to a large scale custom bath in downtown Boston, was the most exciting part of her work at Expo. After all Expo Design Center locations were dissolved, Jane was hired as design consultant for Blackdog Builders, Inc. in November of 2010.

Design Philosophy: Jane’s design philosophy is simple – interpret her clients’ wants and needs into a fun, creative and functional space. Developing a strong connection with her clients and getting to know them on a personal level is an important part of her design process. Jane is able to listen, interpret, visualize and present thoughtful design options, whether it’s a contemporary kitchen or a stately, traditional master suite. She believes that incorporating the clients’ wants is necessary, but adding elements of her clients’ personal style and interests are key to their satisfaction. Managing all the finite details and guiding the client through every step in the process is the part of her work at Blackdog that she enjoys most. As I tell my clients, “design is much like putting together an intricate puzzle; each piece we select is a vital component but when put together with all the other pieces, we create something beautiful, a project you’ll enjoying waking up to every day.”

Interests: Jane enjoys spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking and enjoys entertaining family and friends. She is also an avid knitter.

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