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Salem, NH 603.952.3192
Nashua, NH 603.769.4938

Jim Matthieu

Basement Designer


Residence: Salem, NH

Spouse: Kristen

Kids: Shauna, Jaelle

Hobbies: Outdoors, Movies

Experience: Jim has a Bachelor of Science Degree and is a former project manager at Blackdog. He took some time off from Blackdog to develop his own building and remodeling business, as well as spend time with his wife and two daughters. Now he is back as a Basement Finishing Specialist. Basements are a different environment than the rest of the house. Jim understands the importance of using mold resistant waterproof materials that won’t become ruined by moisture, or be subjected to mold. Jim has found that Total Basement Finishing is the only solution that works in the basement environment. Blackdog Builders is an exclusive dealer for Total Basement Finishing and has exclusive access to patented products, comprehensive training, and support though the national companies. Jim enjoys meeting homeowners to help them create healthy living spaces and to solve their basement needs. Jim is an expert in helping homeowners design beautiful finished basements enabling them to get more usable space out of their homes. He has been thoroughly trained and has earned the highly esteemed Certified System Design Specialist at the National Headquarters at Total Basement Finishing, in Seymour, CT. In order to give back, Jim and his family spent many hours volunteering at WorkCampNE, an organization that helps needy families get their houses back into shape. We are proud of Jim’s work and integrity, and are excited to have him back on our team.

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