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2020 Kitchen Trends

Whether you opt for a full-scale kitchen renovation or a simple refresh, if this is the year you treat yourself to the kitchen you deserve, you can help to maximize your investment and your satisfaction by incorporating any of these 2020 kitchen trends into your kitchen remodeling project.

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Shades of Green

In 2020, green is about more than just eco-friendly finishes and energy-efficient appliances. You can expect to see various shades of mint, lime, jade, emerald, seafoam, turquoise, and other hues on cabinetry, stonework, backsplashes, and more as a nod to the environment and the desire to reconnect with nature.

Double Islands

The movement toward larger kitchens has inspired this trend, where two islands are considered twice as good as one. In addition to helping to direct the flow of traffic, dual islands help to divide a large kitchen space and define separate areas between food preparation and casual dining or seating.

Calacatta Marble

Heavily veined marble such as Calacatta marble is making a return and showing up on kitchen counters and backsplashes around the country. This showy stone makes a bold statement, and with the option of a honed finish, homeowners are less likely to notice the effects of minor surface etching.

Pops of Color

While there is no right or wrong way to add color to your kitchen, choose a color you love for your kitchen makeover rather than focusing on what’s hot at the moment. Be prepared to live with your choice for five years or more, depending on whether you opt for a more temporary commitment such as paint or artwork, or permanent installations including cabinetry, tile, flooring, or countertops.

Steel Hoods

Custom steel kitchen hoods are taking the place of stainless or wood finishes, and depending on the size and configuration of the kitchen layout they may serve as the focal point of the room. Steel hoods can be designed to fit into any size opening and handcrafted in any style to suit every taste and decor.

Dark Cabinetry

All-white kitchens give the room a clean, classic feel and work well in any style of home, but you can expect to see a decline in the use of white cabinetry as the trend moves toward darker paints and stains. Dark kitchen cabinets can help a kitchen feel elegant and luxurious, but it’s important to ensure there is sufficient lighting and paler hues throughout to add some much-needed contrast to the room.

Colorful Tile

Large-scale colorful backsplashes are a great way to incorporate color into a small kitchen remodel without the need for a complete makeover. While the sky is the limit with color, greens and blues remain on trend and can be used to establish a focal point in the room using unique shapes and textures of tile.

Smart Kitchen Technology

Integrated technology can help to improve the overall performance, efficiency, and convenience of any kitchen, and can be incorporated into nearly every aspect of kitchen design, including small and large appliances, faucets, lighting, and more.

Stand-Alone Kitchens

Over the last few decades, kitchens have evolved into multipurpose rooms for food preparation, dining, office space, non-dining seating, entertainment areas, and more. Over the next several years, designers expect to see more single-use kitchens and a movement away from the great room and open-concept living.

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