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Room Addition Services

Building Home Additions Throughout New Hampshire & Massachusetts


Between growing families and the need for a little extra space to stretch out, many people in Massachusetts and New Hampshire are in need of room addition contractors!

If you’re looking for the perfect room addition for your next  project, we can help! Our design/build remodeling company has two convenient locations in Nashua and Salem, New Hampshire, to accommodate your home addition project.

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Types of Room Additions

Whether you purchased your home with a future addition in mind or you have unexpectedly outgrown your current square footage, a room addition can help to restore comfort and functionality to your living space. Make the most of your investment by choosing the type of room addition that best suits your needs, structure, and lifestyle, which may include:

A conventional home addition is a major undertaking, involving multiple rooms or defined spaces complete with plumbing, HVAC, wiring, and more. This type of addition is the longest and most costly type of renovation, which may span two or more stories, but it’s also likely to give you the highest return on your investment.

This is the most common type of house addition. It’s built onto the existing home and fills a specific need for a functional living space. Common room additions include: Updated cathedral bedroom with skylights and bathroom/closet expansion

A bump-out is an extension onto an existing room to give it more square footage. Examples can look like: Updated walk-in pantry and laundry room with patterned tile floor and robin egg blue barn door

  • Kitchen: A bump-out can create the space needed for a kitchen island, additional storage, or a dining table.
  • Bathroom: Turn a half-bath into a full bath or utilize a bump-out to create a luxurious en suite.
  • Utility spaces: A laundry room or mudroom adjacent to the rear entryway of a home can enhance functionality and reduce clutter.
  • Bedroom: Transform your master bedroom into a spacious master retreat with room for a sitting area, walk-in closet, and more.

A single or double attached garage has the potential to be converted into additional living space such as a bedroom, game room, or home office, with most of the structural components already in place. While electrical connections may be present, it may be a challenge to install plumbing and HVAC, and this type of addition may negatively impact resale down the road, as a garage is an attractive selling feature on most homes.

Our dedicated team of home remodeling experts will help transform the look and feel of your home with exceptional design services and only the finest quality materials and craftsmanship. Contact us online or call our Salem office at (603) 952-3192 or our Nashua location at (603) 769-2080 to schedule a consultation today!

Why Consider a Room or Home Addition?

Are you dreaming of a family room addition? What about adding a room to your house or another kind of home addition? You should consider a room addition if:

Modern dining room with dining table, chairs and lighting

  • You wish to create more space without moving
  • Your house needs to adapt to growing needs
  • You want to improve your home’s value

When you choose Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel for a room addition or home remodeling services, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budget or running into surprises! Our team of professionals will not only walk you through the entire home or room addition process, but we’ll also discuss the average cost of home additions in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, so you know what you’re getting into — before it’s too late.

To learn more about room additions in Salem or Nashua, contact us today! You can also call our Nashua location at (603) 769-2080 or our Salem location at (603) 952-3192!

Frequently Asked Questions

Adding a new room to your home will usually increase the value of your home, with the specific gain depending on the details of the addition. Factors such as the type of addition, what space you’re using for the addition, other homes in your neighborhood, market trends, and other factors all shape the final impact on your home value.

As a general rule, an extra bedroom can add 15% to the value of a home, for example, but this number can vary dramatically in reality when considering the size of that bedroom, the location of your property, how many rooms you already have, etc.

The most reliable way to find out is to discuss the matter with an appropriately trained architect with the building plan of your home in hand. While nearly any home can accommodate some form of room addition, the specifics of what’s possible will depend on many different factors, among them being whether you’re willing to invest more money into making necessary structural changes to your property to achieve a particular addition.

Most room addition projects take somewhere in the range of three or four months, though the specifics of your addition could scale this number up or down by quite a bit. A minor first-floor addition starting with a house that’s amenable to the addition could be finished in under two months in some cases, while a massive addition on a higher floor requiring substantial architectural work could exceed six in some situations.

A careful planning process can substantially reduce the overall work period, as avoiding unexpected occurrences and downtime is crucial to getting the project completed in a timely manner.

In most places, you’ll need a permit for room additions in your home. Even if you don’t plan to resell, you’ll also need to be making safe, code-compliant additions that don’t compromise your property and make it a threat to you, your neighbors, or anyone else in the area — a dangerous property isn’t only a risk to the homeowner inside of it, in many cases.

Fortunately, working with our team will make it easy to determine what changes you can make and to make them safely, legally, and with an eye towards long-term value and safety for your property.

When it comes to room additions for home value, you’re typically looking to enhance a master suite, add a bathroom, or make a kitchen more luxurious. You might also add a bedroom if you have fewer than is popular for homes in your area or add a home office if you’re in an area popular with the increasing number of workers working from home.

Above all else, it’s important to look at any specific shortcomings you see in your property when set alongside comparable properties; if your kitchen is lovely or your have plenty of bathrooms already, invest in a different room addition.

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