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Common Complaints About Older Kitchens

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen designers in NH are approached by homeowners about outdated spaces every day. With so many older homes in New England, we are never surprised to find that these rooms no longer work for our needs in the 21st century. With all of the remodels we have completed, Blackdog Builders has come up with some of the most common complaints we hear about old kitchens.

Poor lighting

It’s hard to believe that homes created only 40 years ago would be without great lighting, but it’s true! Many older homes have kitchens that feature a light over the sink, a centralized light in the center of the room, and possibly a light embedded in their range vent.

Bad workflow

Not only have we changed the way we cook, but designers have also realized the best way for kitchens to work! From simply not having enough counter space to an impractical floor plan, these problem areas are quickly realized and disliked by many.

Terrible storage solutions

Whether it’s two doors that open into each other or an odd cabinet that serves little to no purpose, old kitchens are notorious for causing storage related stress. Luckily, redesigning your kitchen also means investing in the latest and greatest cabinet storage solutions.

Narrow quarters

Like with many older homes, distinct separation of each room was fairly common, and this didn’t transfer particularly well into the kitchen. Many of these spaces are small and narrow, leaving little room for multiple people to cook or gather.

Limited outlets

Much like lighting solutions, technology has drastically changed in just the past ten years. With so many machines and appliances that help us in the kitchen, many older homes are not equipped with outlets and the electrical capacity to use them.

Luckily, Blackdog Builders have contributed creative and practical kitchen designs in NH that address many of these common concerns. With over 25 years in the business, you will rest well working with a company that has experience and knowledge in this industry.

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