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Kid Friendly Basement Finishing Ideas

Basement finishing can be done for a variety of reasons. Extra bedrooms, a beautiful master suite or a family room for everyone to relax in are many of the popular reasons that families decide to improve their basement. While having a man cave or space for visitors is definitely important, when you have a family with kids it is just as important to have a space just for them. Here are some of our favorite ideas to give your kids a basement space of their own!

We’ll start simple. Turn that basement into a playroom for your kids. Furnish it with bright colors, hard wood or laminate floors for any spills while having interlocking foam cushions to help any falls. The amazing thing is that if they are old enough, you can have them there alone with the door open and possibly even some type of monitor so you can keep an eye on them while giving them time to express themselves. When you create a playroom for your kids the opportunities are endless. Paint a wall with magnetic chalkboard paint so they can color on the wall without getting in trouble, make this their safe zone.

Room Separationsnsplash
If you would prefer to be down with the “youngins” room separations are a good way to do it. Whether you decide to do half wall partitions, curtains or even full wall partitions there are some cool ways to create a space that is functional for you and for them. You could create a “hideaway” space where the entrance is a crawl through giving them a feel of having their own space and a fun way to get there while the rest of the room can be set up as an office, work out space, or media space. Room separations are good if you need extra space for all of your family members.

Media Room
These rooms are great for everyone. Having a movie room can be a treat for your kids after a long week at school. You could use a big TV, or invest in a projector to make it like going to the movies (except ten times more comfy with oversized sofas). You can splurge on an old fashioned popcorn maker and allow your kids to feel the magic of the movies all the time. It will quickly turn into one of their favorite rooms in the house.

Sports areas
While imagination play and movies are good ways to go, if you have an active child who is into sports, you could even set aside a space for whichever sport they like. You could add in a mock soccer field, basketball court or even ice rink. Anything that woul be okay to replicate in a basement would be good for when the weather is bad and they want to get some sports in.

Anything you could dream up for you kids can be done with a little manipulation of your current basement. Our designers are full of ideas when it comes to making any basement finishing project kid friendly. Call Blackdog Builders today to talk to our design team at either of our locations and we can help you make your dream home a reality.
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Planning the Perfect Remodel Hosted by David Bryan, President of Blackdog Builders AUGUST 22, 2021
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