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Top Questions About Second-Story Additions


As your family expands, you may find that your home is becoming a bit too crowded. While upgrading to a larger home is always an option, the process of buying a new home and selling the old one can be difficult, especially under adverse market conditions. If you don’t wish to sell and you like your current home, neighborhood, and school system, a second-story addition may be a viable way to add more space and stay in the home you love.

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By removing the roof, beefing up the framing, and adding a full or partial second story, you can nearly double the size of a typical ranch-style home or bungalow. Building second-story home additions is a complex process, and homeowners often have questions about it. Here are a few of the most common:

How Much Will a Second-Story Addition Cost?


Large-scale custom home additions like adding a full second story can be costly, often starting in the six-figure range, and it’s likely that only a portion will be earned back if the home sells in the future. The costs are high because it’s essentially like building a new home, with the additional work of tying into the existing framing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. The cost will often be worth it if you love the home, love the area, and do not plan to sell anytime soon.

Can I Add a Partial Second Story?

If your home is split-level, has a garage, or has a porch that is lower than the main roofline, adding a single room addition or a few rooms may be possible. It will take less work and cost less than a full second-story addition but will still be a significant investment.

What Changes Will Need To Be Made to My Home?

Before work begins, an engineer will evaluate the plans and determine if your home can support a second story. Extra framing or support beams may need to be added, the foundation may need to be underpinned, extra columns may need to be installed in the basement, or other changes may be required. Alternatively, the engineer may advise against the addition altogether.

Can I Remain in the Home During Construction?

In most cases, no. Major home remodeling like adding a second story will kick up lots of dirt, dust, and fibers that are unhealthy to breathe. The electrical, plumbing, and HVAC services will be disrupted as the addition is tied in. And most importantly, the first floor may be partially open to the elements as the roof is removed and the addition is built. For single room additions, it may be possible to isolate the work area, but having to work around the finished home and its occupants may slow job progress significantly.

How Do I Find the Right Contractor for the Job?

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Look for contractors who have built plenty of new homes and home additions, as well as those who also have extensive home remodeling experience. A second-story addition will require all of those skills. Ask for an estimate from each candidate and check references carefully, choosing one with fair pricing, but not too cheap, and a great reputation.

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