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Countertop Installation, Replacement & Repair

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For many homeowners, a kitchen remodeling project is a great way to customize your home, adding functionality and personalization that really makes your space feel like it’s yours. Countertops are a great place to start, assisting you in adding distinct beauty while providing lots of usable space.

At Blackdog Home Services, our team has helped countless Salem and Nashua homeowners build the kitchens they’ve always dreamed of. We work with you every step of the way, start to finish, in order to really understand what you want most from your countertops.

Looking for kitchen remodeling experts who specialize in countertop replacement? Call our Salem office at (603) 952-3192 or our Nashua office at (603) 769-4938. You can also contact us online at any time!

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Popular Types of Kitchen Counters

Two-tier kitchen island and light wooden cabinetry


It can be hard to know where to start with new countertops or which option fulfills your needs best. But with Blackdog, you don’t have to decide alone — here are some of our most popular options:

  • Quartz countertops: Quartz, or engineered stone, is the current reigning champion of kitchen counter spaces. Featuring many different appearances and styles, exceptionally high resistance to staining, and excellent durability to offset the higher price point, it’s a great pick for busier kitchens with a lot of cooking.
  • Granite countertops: A longtime favorite material, granite still adds appealing character, and since it’s all quarried and cut, each and every countertop comes out completely unique.
  • Butcher block countertops: Bonded wood strips form a solid and rustic-looking countertop, ideal for heavy use and homeowners looking for a homier feel that doesn’t sacrifice function.
  • Solid wood: For versatility in appearance, natural wood is hard to beat. Wood options like teak, cherry, bamboo, and oak all make great choices, and each one can offer lots of attractive color and depth.
  • Marble countertops: While a high-cost option, marble is the height of luxury and makes for a really striking kitchen space.

Other options include soapstone, ceramic tile, composite, and laminate countertops.

Kitchen Countertop Installation & Replacement


Have your countertops fallen out of fashion? Perhaps you’re tired of looking at a stained, chipped worktop as you prepare dinner. Either way, it may be time to replace your kitchen counters.

Our team strives to always offer solutions that work best for you and your unique needs and to do this, we start each home project consultation with you. We want to completely understand what it is you’re looking for, what you want most, and what you would like your final product to add to your home. From there, we can make recommendations and install the ideal custom countertop replacement for you.

Every step of the way, our experts are right there with you, letting you know what’s going on with the project and where we stand on progress so that you can always be in the loop!

Want to take your new countertops a step further? Consider adding custom cabinetry! New cabinets allow you to perfectly pair your kitchen and really flesh out the design, and they’re also longer-lived and more functional than ready-to-assemble options.

Do you want to see what the Blackdog team has accomplished with homeowners in Nashua and Salem, NH? Check out our kitchen remodeling portfolio!

Kitchen Countertop Repair

Countertop repair may be more appropriate if your countertops have succumbed to minor wear and tear over the years, but you’re not ready to replace them. The Blackdog team can tackle damage to any countertop material, including:

  • Stained countertops
  • Cracked or chipped countertops
  • Heat-damaged countertops
  • Etched countertops
  • Scratched countertops
  • And more

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Elevate Your Home With Stunning Countertops

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, where you gather to create culinary masterpieces, host unforgettable gatherings, and prepare meals that nourish your body and soul. And just like any other focal point in your home, your countertops deserve to be as beautiful and functional as possible.

At Blackdog Home Services, we understand the transformative power of kitchen countertops. We’ve witnessed the countless ways our expert craftsmanship has transformed kitchens into spaces that homeowners genuinely love. By replacing your outdated or damaged countertops with stunning new ones, you can:

  • Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Kitchen: Countertops are the centerpiece of your kitchen, setting the tone for the entire design. Replacing them with sleek, modern quartz or rich, organic wood can elevate the aesthetic of your kitchen, making it a more inviting and stylish space.
  • Improve Functionality and Durability: Outdated countertops can hinder your ability to prepare food efficiently and safely. Replacing them with durable materials like granite or engineered quartz ensures that your countertops can handle the rigors of everyday kitchen life without compromising their appearance.
  • Increase the Value of Your Home: Countertops are a significant investment in your home’s value. Replacing them with high-quality materials can significantly increase your home’s resale potential, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • Enhance Your Home’s Usability: Countertops are not just surfaces; they are the workspaces where you prepare meals, chop vegetables, and gather with friends and family. Replacing them with comfortable and practical countertops can make your kitchen a more enjoyable and functional space.

Choose Blackdog for Countertop Services in Nashua & Salem

At Blackdog Home Services, we place extreme importance on bringing you what you want most. We want to make your kitchen dreams come to life and help you create the space you’ve always wanted. We’re about making houses feel like homes!

Call our Salem office at (603) 952-3192, our Nashua office at (603) 769-4938, or contact us online to find out more about our countertop repair and replacement services.

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