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Portico Additions

Royal blue painted exterior siding on house with white door/awning addition

Your front door and entryway serve as your friends’ and family’s first impression of your home. Make the most of it by adding a portico!

Blackdog Home Services has extensive experience in home exterior design, installation, and renovation and can bring your vision to life so that the entrance to your home is just as eye-catching and functional as the interior.

Take the first step to a beautiful new entryway by calling our Nashua office at (603) 769-4938, calling our Salem office at (603) 952-3192, or contacting us online.

What Is a Portico?

You’ve likely seen or stood under a portico, even if you don’t immediately recognize the term. A portico is essentially a small porch covering an external home entryway.

A portico roof can be constructed to match your home’s roof, whether you have an asphalt shingle, metal, or tile roof. The columns that support the portico are typically made of fiberglass, wood, or concrete.

A portico adds to the overall curb appeal of your home and offers protection from the weather as you herd the kids inside or carry in grocery bags.

Porticos vs. Decks vs. Porches

When it comes to your home’s front entry, there are several great remodeling options — porches, porticos, and decks.

While a portico can be considered a type of porch, its purpose is generally one of passage. If you need a space that’s protected from the weather to unlock the door or shield packages, a portico is the right option for you.

However, if you’re looking to create a more expansive space where you can spend time enjoying the outdoors with a shield from the sun and rain, a porch is a better option. Porches are great additions to the front or back of a home. Some farmhouse, southern, and Victorian-style homes even have wraparound porches that cover at least two sides of the home.

Decks, often used in the rear of the home, can also be used to add additional outdoor living space to the front of your home, although, unlike porticos and porches, they offer no protection from the weather.

Benefits of Adding a Portico to Your Home

There are many great benefits that you’ll enjoy when adding a portico to your home, including:

  • Increased curb appeal and home value
  • Door protection to prevent long-term damage, such as warping and cracking from the sun’s heat
  • A cleaner foyer because you can leave muddy boots and wet umbrellas outside to dry out

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Blackdog Home Services is truly the best in class when it comes to exterior remodeling. We pride ourselves on making your dream home a reality, one project at a time.

Our team will work with you to design a portico that matches your current aesthetic while providing a functional and useful addition to your home.

Your dream home awaits! Learn more about how Blackdog Home Services can transform your space by starting the conversation with us online, calling our Nashua office at (603) 769-4938, or calling our Salem office at (603) 952-3192.

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