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Roofing Contractors in Salem & Amherst, NH

Looking for roofing services and dependable home service contractors in the Salem or Amherst area? You can stop looking, because you just found Blackdog Build/Design/Remodel!

Our home renovation craftsmen and handyman experts have been proudly serving local New Hampshire homes for years, and with our expertise and award-winning services, you’re guaranteed roofing repairs that make your roof look as good as new.

Are you interested in scheduling roofing repair services in Salem or Amherst, NH? Call our exterior remodeling professionals today at 603-769-4938 for Amherst or 603-952-3192 for our Salem team!

Common Types of Roofing Repairs in NH

Knowing what to look for and when to call on professionals is very important as a homeowner, since getting repair on time can prevent bigger and more costly problems from developing. Keep watch for these common roof complications:

  • Missing shingles or roofing material – Missing shingles, granules present in your gutters, or patches where the under materials are exposed on your roof are all common signs that there is a problem developing. Catch it now, before the damage becomes serious!
  • Leaks, or signs of water damage in the home – Water ingress can impact your insulation and walls, as well as cause considerable damage to the roof over time. Leak detection and early repair can cut down on incoming home repair costs.
  • Damaged or corroded flashing – The metal flashing found around chimneys and skylights needs to stay in peak shape to prevent moisture intrusion, so keep a clear eye out for rust or bending.
  • Discoloration or algae growth – The black algae Gloeocapsa Magma grows rampant on roofs in New Hampshire. While not damaging on its own, the algae can spread and become increasingly ugly in very little time.
  • Consistent ice dams – Most often homeowners experience a one-off ice dam when gutters get clogged come winter, but if you have consistent ice dams all season long then it’s likely that your roof ventilation and insulation need work.

Our Roofing Repair Services

The roofing specialists at Blackdog have been handling home repair and roofing services for decades. With our superior training and extensive knowledge we can assess your roof and provide swift, cost-efficient repairs that restore the beauty and function of your roof in no time!

Whether the job is small and simple or complex and involving extensive damage, we can offer you the priority services and superior results that you deserve.

Outdoor Remodeling Specialists in Amherst and Salem

Been thinking about updating your roof, home siding, or other exterior remodel projects? Blackdog can help here, too! Our remodeling specialists and design teams have extensive experience in helping New Hampshire homeowners build the beautiful outdoor spaces they’ve always dreamed of.

Interested in what the Blackdog team has accomplished? Check out our outdoor renovation portfolio!

Why Choose Blackdog for Roofing Repair in Salem or Amherst, NH?

What makes our home remodeling team stand out in the crowd of contractors and design teams? To start, we’ve got more experience under our belts than many contractors combined. But it’s about more than that. At Blackdog we take your wants and needs as an absolute priority. We’re never satisfied with “good enough”, and to always reach greater heights, we routinely undergo new training and learn new techniques in order to better satisfy our clients.

When you need roof repair services in Amherst or Salem, you can always be confident that Blackdog will put your best interests first!

Contact us online now to find out more about what we have to offer or dial 603-769-4938 for Amherst or 603-952-3192 for our Salem team!