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Rot Repair & Gutter Cleaning Services

Roof rot and other forms of dry rot around the home can plague New Hampshire homes. And what starts out as an unsightly or annoying complication can quickly spiral into extensive home damage, huge repair costs, and potentially even a total roof redesign and replacement. So what’s the solution? Swift and decisive rot repair services from the team at Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel!

Our roofing and home service teams have been offering superior roofing solutions to clients in Rockingham County for years. We understand that not every homeowner is equipped with the tools and knowledge—nor do most have the time!—to keep up with a roof. That’s why we provide comprehensive roof services, including inspections, rot diagnosis and repair, and even exterior renovation services.

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Common Signs of Roof Rot

Rot is a particularly common issue in wet areas that consistently deal with wild weather and swinging extremes. Sound familiar? There’s a reason we’re so practiced in rot repair! The most important thing you can do is detect rot early on, which is why we want to point out these common signs:

  • Missing roof shingles or loose roofing materials. Shingles becoming flimsy and discolored, ceramic tile missing, or peeling on a metal roof’s surface are all signs that rot is settling in.
  • Moss and algae growth on the roof. Algae and moss don’t tend to grow in places they’re not wanted. If they’re taking hold on your roof, that means moisture is sticking around longer than it’s supposed to, which tends to mean water damage and rot.
  • Signs of water damage in the home. Keep watch for soaked insulation and dark patches or weak spots developing in walls or on ceilings. Rot destroys roofing materials and bends flashing, allowing water to get where it isn’t intended to go.
  • Buckling or waving. Buckling or roof material “waving” is a very serious issue and tends to require more than a simple repair. Always keep an eye on the pitch and formation of your roof. Any changes mean you need to have the roof inspected!

Roof Rot Repair Services with Blackdog

Our specialists take a comprehensive approach to roof and home exterior rot. The process needs to be handled with care and precision, and most importantly it has to be in depth! That’s why for every rot repair project, we:

  • Perform a thorough assessment to identify the extent of the rot
  • Repair any structural damages to shingles, roofing materials, flashing, and other areas
  • Repair any cosmetic issues caused by the rot
  • Employ disinfecting and anti-microbial cleaning techniques to kill and remove organic matter (mold, mildew, algae)

Gutter Services in New Hampshire

When it comes to rot, prevention is the ideal course of action. Your gutters play a really big role in helping your roof handle excess moisture, and so they need to be well cared for and installed professionally as well. Need gutter experts to come take care of your gutters? The team at Blackdog offers complete gutter solutions including design/install, repair, and maintenance.

Home Exterior Specialists in Nashua and Salem

From simpler services like roof inspections, all the way to complete roof redesign and rot repair, you can count on the award-winning home service specialists at Blackdog. We’re the name to know for home exterior solutions, so give us a call today to find out why we’re the most dedicated and passionate home service team around!

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