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Trim & Decorative Molding Installation & Repair

Since 1989, Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel has helped homeowners make their dream homes a reality. For many, this transition comes one project at a time, and that’s where our home services come in.

Our team offers a wide range of interior and exterior home services, including trim and decorative molding installation and repair services. Trim and molding can truly transform a space if done correctly.

At Blackdog, we know which materials, sizes, styles, and colors will work best in your home and create a clean look.

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Uses of Decorative Molding & Trim

Crown molding and baseboards subtly enhance any space. They are typically used to cover the space between the wall and ceiling or the wall and floor to add visual interest and disguise the seam where the two meet.

Trim can be well utilized in a variety of spaces, including:

  • Cabinets
  • Windows
  • Entryways
  • Mantels
  • Bookshelves


Trim is also convenient for hiding television and appliance wiring if you have awkwardly placed outlets.

Types of Decorative Molding & Trim

Our team installs several different types of decorative molding to fit our clients’ tastes and price points. One of the biggest differences between molding types is the material they’re made of. The two most common and versatile materials used are wood and polyurethane:

Wood molding and trim are incredibly durable and long-lasting, provide a beautiful finish to any home, and provide a wide variety of options.

Polyurethane molding and trim are moisture-resistant, insect-resistant, and versatile. It can mimic expensive plaster molding.

Other material options for decorative molding include:

  • Medium-density fiberboard decorative molding and trim
  • PVC decorative molding and trim
  • Plaster decorative molding and trim
  • Flex decorative molding and trim

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Trim & Decorative Molding Repair in Southern New Hampshire & Northeastern Massachusetts

If you already have molding or trim that you love, but it needs repair or replacement, Blackdog can help. We offer a variety of repair services to restore your trim and molding to their original beauty:

  • Replace a section of molding
  • Refinish trim to repair scratches and dents
  • Repair shrinking crown molding

Why Choose Blackdog Home Services?

For more than three decades, we have surpassed our clients’ expectations with clear communication, high-quality materials, and on-time project completion

Discover the Blackdog difference for yourself with trim and molding services or one of our other carpentry services.  

Start the conversation online or call our Nashua team at (603) 769-4938 or our Salem team at (603) 952-3192.

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