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The Blackdog Difference

Since Dave & Brenda put Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel in motion in 1989, their vision for leading a world-class remodeling company has never strayed from the path. Committed to the values formed in their company history, unique 5-step process, and their continued devotion to their clients, what makes Blackdog a premier remodeling company in Salem and Nashua, NH, often comes down to knowing what options you have as a client.

Client Binder

Shouldn’t all major purchases come with an owner’s manual? We sure think so! At Blackdog, any client who develops a project with us receives a “Blackdog Client Binder”, which houses great information about the remodeling process and is tabbed to let you easily store all your project-related documents. There is something to be said about having everything you need before and after project completion right there at your fingertips.

Project Management

At Blackdog, project management is proactive, not reactive. We don’t just get to thinking about your project between swinging a hammer or driving to the lumber yard. Our project management method is a systematized and organized process that utilizes the strengths our project managers put in, pre-planning your project even before a construction agreement is signed.

We designed our process so that there can be a second set of eyes to verify assumptions and offer critical review. Each project is assigned to a project manager to give it the attention and consideration it needs to be a success. Once a construction agreement is signed, the project is slotted into our schedule.

Next, your project manager begins to work through the logistics of building your project, creating a critical path schedule and ordering long lead time items, as well as planning man power requirements and the proper flow of trade contractors your project will need. At Blackdog, we have defined systems and procedures made to ensure that projects run as smoothly as possible.

Great project management ultimately boils down to communication. When it comes to your project, our project managers and lead carpenters are in constant communication with each other to work out the details of your project. If you have a question or want insight, they remain accessible to help.

Not everything in remodeling can be planned, controlled or anticipated but, with solid systems and procedures we can take much of the uncertainty out of the process and deliver you the project of your dreams on time and on budget.


At Blackdog, we do great work, and we back it up! One of the ways we are different from other remodeling companies in Salem and Nashua, NH, is our industry-leading 3-year warranty.

We have all experienced it before with products we purchase where the issue you call about takes forever to be addressed correctly (if at all!), and the response time you get on the service side is short. Similarly, a longer warranty may only be as good as the service you get from it. Always ask probing questions to decide if the warranty you’re signing up for can really deliver!

At Blackdog, we stand behind our three-year warranty as a reflection of our company values. Do you need assistance? Call us today and our dedicated warranty specialist will deliver you responsive service.


Is remodeling fun? You might not think the two words go together, but we do! At Blackdog, we bring passion and dedication to the work we do. When a client commits to build a project with us, we take that very seriously, and are constantly aware of the trust placed in our hands. That doesn’t mean, however, that we have to take ourselves too seriously!

At Blackdog, we feel that your design process should be fun, exciting, and invigorating. We’re thrilled when you are able to have fun getting to know the people who are going to bring your project to life, and we think it’s important to approach new or unexpected challenges with a good sense of humor. Somewhere we read that people who laugh live longer—sounds good to us.

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