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Our Process

5 Steps to Home Remodeling Success

1. Initial Meeting & Getting To Know Each Other

What would it be like to sign off on a major build in your home without first getting to know your remodeling contractors? Yikes! At Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, we care deeply about your experience from start to finish—and years afterward! That is why our process starts warmly and friendly:

  • The process begins with no cost or obligation.
  • We learn about you and your project—which means asking a lot of questions!
  • We don’t just try to understand your project goals; we find out why these goals exist in the first place.

During this initial phase, we’re able to get to the heart of what you’re looking for and suggest more cost-effective solutions when we discover them. We will also spend time discussing how our design/build process works and help you get to know who we are, too. We want you to walk away with clear expectations about the process before, during, and after construction. No surprises!

Finally, we will explain our Partner Plan to you—this is our way of building a solid, mutual understanding of project scope and budget range. This allows us to continue the process of working together to create your vision for a remodeling project. There is a small financial commitment on your part for the Partner Plan, and this is paid in the form of a design fee.

This step takes one to two meetings to complete, depending on the type of project you choose.

2. Designing Together

After signing off on the Partner Plan, we roll up our sleeves and get to work! We use a combination of photos, forms, and measurements to document the existing conditions of all areas that are being considered for work. We document the existing conditions of the space before construction and create a foundation necessary before working on the project development phase with you to fine-tune the design, specify products, and finalize a budget.

To ensure that the finished design will meet the preliminary budget, we work as a team with you to specify all the details of your project, and we will also provide you with ongoing budget feedback. No matter what size of the investment you feel is appropriate for your home, we can take your ideas and shape them into a project you will love.

This step takes one to three meetings.

3. Signing Agreements

Once you and the Blackdog team have reached a clear understanding of the details and price of your project, we begin signing agreements that place your project on our production schedule. We determine:

  • What is the payment schedule?
  • What is the window of time we anticipate starting your project?
  • What is the approximate duration of the construction?

During this phase, we also begin the “behind the scenes” work which includes managing the construction documents, installation plans, final engineering, placing orders for products, and pulling all necessary permits.

This step takes one meeting.

4. Building Your Project

At this stage, we have a set of shared expectations, a timeline, and all the preliminary plans worked out. It is time to begin your project with a pre-construction meeting, scheduled at your home. At this time, you and the key players on your team will:

  • Give the project one more detailed review
  • Discuss all the day-to-day logistics of life during remodeling
  • Adjust for considerations we need to be aware of while working in your home
  • Review any concerns you may have about the design, build, or remodeling process

We strive to keep your home clean, safe, and secure throughout the entire design, build, and remodel process. Our team remains committed to your project until it is done, and we aim to minimize disruption and inconvenience while your project is underway.

5. Peace of Mind & Warranty

After planning and preparation have become a distant memory and you are enjoying your new space, we will come together again to discuss the warranty and follow-up steps. At Blackdog, your project is covered under our industry-leading three-year warranty.

Simply give us a call, and our dedicated warranty specialist will respond promptly with a high level of attention and professionalism. One of the most rewarding aspects of our work at Blackdog is to see the complete satisfaction of our clients.

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