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Home Remodeling Services in Derry, NH

Home Remodeling Contractors in New Hampshire

Looking to renovate, rebuild, or remodel your home? Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel offers professional home remodeling services for residents in Derry, New Hampshire. Whether you are looking for general contractors to upgrade your floor plan or you need a design specialist to help you craft your dream home, we can help! Get started planning your remodel with us.

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Kitchen Remodels & Renovations

nsplash At Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, we can design custom kitchen layouts you’ll love. In addition to complete kitchen renovations, we can also install custom kitchen cabinets, countertops, and Daltile flooring. We can even take care of electrical upgrades!

Whether your traditional kitchen needs a modern new look or you’d like to improve your floor plan for your growing family, our contractors have made the process simple to follow and easy to enjoy. Because every kitchen design has unique challenges, we approach each remodeling project with a fresh perspective. Our kitchen designs are made to impress!

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Bathroom Remodeling in Derry

nsplash A bathroom remodel is one of the most common types of remodels a homeowner chooses to invest in because it makes such a difference in daily life. When you opt for a bathroom remodel for your guest bathroom, bedroom, or master suite, we’ll take care to deliver on your specific design needs.

At Blackdog, we work with you throughout the entire bathroom remodeling processes while respecting your budget and your home. We will also discuss how our bathroom design and build process works, so you know everything you need to feel comfortable with the process.

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Room Additions in Derry

nsplash Room additions are some of the most important home remodeling services we offer at Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, and they should always be done by a professional! The top reasons why homeowners like you may desire a room addition include:

  • Your growing family needs another bedroom or bathroom
  • You need a home office for a new or growing business
  • Your spouse has been dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen
  • You have a guest or relative coming to stay for an extended period of time

As you plan for your project, it’s important to make sure the construction of your room addition is safe and meets state and local building codes. That is why we will take the time to walk you through your design options, so you know exactly what you can get and can style it to suit your vision.

Get in touch with us if it’s time to plan your home addition!

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Whole-House Remodeling in Derry

nsplash If you desire whole-house remodeling services, one of our design consultants can work with you to provide complete design services, including the specification of all finishes. Our professional contractors will take your project from preliminary ideas to detailed plans and tangible results. We do all this work with a pre-established budget and work diligently to stay within those financial boundaries.

To minimize the disruption to your daily life during a whole-house remodel or renovation, we create a critical timeline that we use to drive your project toward a successful and timely completion. We know we are guests in your home, and we appreciate the opportunity to be your whole-house remodeling company.

Our home remodeling company routinely works with architects in Derry, so if you already have plans you love, take a look at our architect-designed projects page!

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Exterior Home Renovations in Derry

nsplash At Blackdog, we specialize in building both the exterior and interior of homes in order to create a pleasing aesthetic, as well as a practical functionality that will keep you and your family happy for years to come.

Our team works with you to design and build the perfect exterior while fitting everything within your budget. We have the in-office capability to design the perfect home, however, we also work with architects to turn a design that you may already have into a reality.

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Home Services in Derry

In addition to home remodeling services, we also offer general home services. Our handyman services require a small, one-time site consultation fee that will be refunded with any work you complete with Blackdog.

Some of the many home services we provide for Derry homeowners include:

  • Rot repair
  • Attic insulation
  • Small paint jobs
  • Window installations
  • Door replacements
  • Leak repairs
  • Trim work
  • Drywall repairs
  • Screen door installations
  • Roof repairs
  • Energy efficiency improvements
  • Childproofing
  • Counter replacements
  • Tile work

In addition to all of the home services listed above, we’ll even change your lightbulbs!

Instead of contacting multiple contractors, schedule a home service to complete a wide variety of repairs all at once!

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Aging-in-Place Remodeling in Derry

nsplash As an increasing amount of our population is 65 years old or older, there has been a growing demand to adapt homes to meet changing needs. This is where aging-in-place remodeling comes into play.

The first thing to understand is there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all design for aging in place. We’re all unique—and our houses are too! Blackdog has the training, certifications, and experience to help design solutions that will allow you to enjoy your home in a safe, smart, and stylish manner for many years to come. Solutions can range from something as simple as a grab bar installation to ground floor living through a master suite installation.

VA Adaptive Renovation

The VA Adaptive Renovation program is for veterans who need help making their homes more accessible. We can help you do this! Accessibility can ensure that you live comfortably in the home you bought with your hard-earned money.

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Green Remodeling in Derry

If going green is important to you, choose Blackdog for your next remodeling project! Many of our standard building practices incorporate sustainable design concepts, and we always look at existing systems and conditions within the house to ensure we are providing our clients with complete input regarding green remodeling options for their home.

Plan Your Eco-Friendly Remodeling

Here are a few of the most common remodeling projects, along with some specific advice on how you can make them eco-friendly.

Read More About Our Green Remodeling Services

Architect-Designed Projects in Derry

Blackdog routinely builds projects designed by architects, so we have a specific process that helps to deliver the maximum value to you.

About Architects in New Hampshire

Architects often come up with inventive ideas to solve complex design problems. They also ensure that a project is true to itself aesthetically—whether it’s classical or original in styling.

A complicated project, like a room addition, can really benefit from an architect’s ability to visualize ideas three-dimensionally. If you want to extend the existing historic look of an older home, the finesse of an architect could also prove to be beneficial. Additionally, architects play a major role in a project where you want the home to make a one-of-a-kind statement.

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Cabinet Sales & Designs in Derry

We offer custom cabinetry to meet a variety of budgets! Our manufacturers will deliver your kitchen cabinets right to your door, and our high-quality, detailed plans will make it easier to install them. We are happy to provide your installer with any technical assistance they might need, or we can install the cabinets with our talented carpenters.

Our Cabinet Manufacturers in New Hampshire

Our manufacturers can be classified as a semi-custom to custom line that sells at below custom prices. This is accomplished by using innovative production techniques to marry industriousness with high-quality craftsmanship. Manufacturers are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s Environmental Program (ESP), a process recognizing companies that employ environmentally responsible materials and practices.

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